Is it good to give Rooh Afza drink to the Pug ? Can Pug eats tomato and cucumber?

Kindly advise on the same.

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Rooh Afza or any other such sweet drink has very high sugar content. You must add sugar to the diet of your dog but not in this form. All these drinks contain refined white sugar which is not only harmful to dogs but also harmful for humans.All dogs need carbohydrates as part of their regular diet. These are broken down into sugar or glucose by their body to give them the energy surge they need. The added sugar content of foods like Rooh Afza is not only harmful but will also make the dog fat.Sweets, candies and even sweet syrups and juices sometimes contain xylitol. This is used as the sweetener but it can cause the blood sugar level of your dog to drop. If given on a regular basis, it can also cause liver failure in dogs.Too much sugar can make a dog overweight and it can also spoil his teeth. It can also give your dog a diabetes problem in the long run.VegetablesYou can include veggies in your dog鈥檚 diet. You can give him cooked, boiled or baked potato and sweet potato. Do not give raw potatoes to your dog. Dogs love carrot sticks, green beans, cucumber, and zucchini slices as they are crunchy and juicy treats.Mushrooms, avocados, and tomatoes, are not good for pugs. The chemicals in these veggies can be harmful to the dogs. Pugs love eating baby carrots as they are very crunchy. They are also good for their teeth.FruitsYou can also give fruits to your pug as they are a good source of natural sugar. Fruits can give them the energy they need to be active without getting fat. Give apple slices, bananas, oranges, and watermelon to dogs as treats.Make sure you take the seeds out from the fruits as stems, seeds, and leaves can cause stomach problems. There are some fruits that you should not give to dogs. These include grapes, peaches, plums, and cherries.The pits of these can prove fatal for the dogs. They can splinter and damage the throat, stomach, and intestines of the dog from inside.You can give all cooked meat, chicken, and fish like salmon to your pug. Dog treats and biscuits are available in the market for dogs. You can also give chew sticks to your pug as treats.Pugs are a small size breed and are quite prone to the problem of blood sugar. They are active dogs and sometimes tend to miss a meal or two which cause low blood sugar level. These dogs have small stomachs and need small but frequent meals.You must feed you pugs three meals a day with two snacks. Some other food items that you should not include in your pug鈥檚 diet include:Fat trimmings as they contain too much fat.Raw fish may harm your dog as the bones might harm its throatCaffeine and chocolate is very harmful to all dogsAlcohol is harmful to dogs as it is for humansMacadamia nuts and raisins might cause your pug to vomit
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