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How long will it be when he can move on?

We got one cute doberman cross 10 months back. His name is Oreo . He is now 1 year old and in past he has changed two owners before joining our family. My family, My husband got him home. We were 4 people at that time , Me , My Husband aMy Mom and My Brother. My Sister joined us later on. Now some 5 months back hubby had to go to US for work for some 1 year . Now I need to go. Oreo is close to veryone in the family. He has seen me since he was 3 months. Now I am afraid will he suffer from too much anxeity or it will be less as he still has my bro and sister with him and same house and env. If he misses me how long will it be? How long will it be when he can move on? Please let us know , I am really worrried. I wante dto take him to US. But in that case again he has to be away from My sister and Bro and mom I asked this a few weeks back. Now its like i Had to come to US for 2 years. I will be back after that. And Oreo seems to be close to my bro sis and Mom too. He does not do any destructive behavior/ do not soil the house/ eats properly/ plays a lot/ goes for walk with bro and is otherwise sleeping on couch and is kind of happy So no signs of separation anxiety But whenever my bro or sister or mom wants to go out for say shopping or even anything he tries to hold their jeans and not let them go. he tries to bite them at this time only.And will cry for 1 min after they go. But after that he is fine. if he is left alone with chew bones and all he will eat that and will sleep in room and when everyone comes back he will again try to bite and then will calm down in 1 min Is he suffering from separation anxiety. he is doing this when I was there also like from last 6-7 months he wants everyone to be at home . Otherwise no destructive behavior Once or twice he has dug up our garden , but that's because he spotted a mouse there and he tries to dug it up. please suggest if its separation anxiety or a behavior issue I am confused because , if left alone he is not doing anything unwanted he just sleeps or eats his chew bone. But even if one person tries to leave the house he becomes hyper ie try to catch their jeans and all. He is doing it for everyone in the house and not one person. When I was there he did it for me also. Now my brother/sister/Mom or even if any friends comes over for a night and goes in morning he does for them also. He will get his toys when someone is trying to go and bite them and ask them to play. but as soon as you go out of house , he will go inside , go to our mom cry for some secs and then start playing or sits . This behavior is confusing me, is it that he is afraid that I left and my husband left and everyone might leave. But then this behavior is since a long time.is it because my husband left 4 months back. But its like my husband and me kept going out of stations for 2-3 days on work and come back so it was like routine before my husband left for US. I am not sure if Its behavior issue or severe separation anxiety like he is missing my husband till now :( But then i do not see any other signs of SA Please guide us in this feeling quite helpless So for summarizing ME and Husband in US for 2 years, He is with Sis /Bro and MOM his house is same where he was brought (so house has not changed for him as we all were staying together )
By Prachi · 03 Jul 2011 10:27 pm


By Elena · 08 Jul 2011 5:27 pm
hi prachi. i dont think there is any problem with ur dog. his behaviour is pretty normal - no crying for a long time, no destructive behaviour, he eats well, he sleeps and eats his bone when left alone. such a good doggie!
it seems to me that his attempts to stop the people from going out of the house - not only family members but even guests - are created by people themselves. like if it happened a couple of times that while going out they cuddled him too much, hugged and kissed him asking to forgive them that they are going to leave him, thus attracting too much of his attention to the very process of their leaving - that could have created undue exitement in the dog which lead to pulling their jeans and trying to stop the people from leaving. if it was repeated several times it resulted in certain behavioreal pattern for the dog because he knew that in this way he could get more attention.
as for him missing ur husband or u when u also leave - dogs are not people, they do not recollect familiar faces or events when they do not see those who used to be there with them and then left. they hate to be left completely alone, but if there are other people around them to whom they are also attached, they would be pretty happy in their company. they would not sulk remembering that u were there for so many months and suddenly disappeared. but when u return he most probably will recognise u with joy.
believe me, there is nothing like ur dog is trying to figure out if everyone is going to leave him or someone still will stay with him. and he does not think or dream every night about ur husband who left for US several months ago. he is happy to see those around him. and there will no be any stress for him at all as he is going to stay in the same place with the same people to whom he is so attached.
excuse my simple english. i think the same things could be described using some scientific therminology, but it is difficult for me. but believe me, i know dogs" psychology well enough. dont worry for him and join ur husband without ur heart crying for ur dog!
regards. elena
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