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My GSD 10 months old has scabbies, please help?

my gsd 10 months old has scabbies and since 2.5 months i am visiting my pet regularly and in between when i observed there is no improvement i changed to another vet. please help me and guide me a good vet in north delhi.sometimes marks are gone but then again they appear repeatedly.
By arsh sharma · 16 Oct 2009 1:06 pm


By shilpa · 17 Oct 2009 11:42 am
Hi, i don't know any good vet in north Delhi but in east Delhi there's one vet Dr. Ajay Sood, if it's possible visit him.
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By Anindya Biswas · 18 Oct 2009 4:49 pm
Friend, This is a very common disease and is becoming serious day by day. The main reason for the disease is a small microscopic mite which lives and breeds inside the skin of your animal. You need to take a step by step approach to get rid of the disease.
1. Get your dog de-wormed after consulting your vet.
2. clean your house with a vaccum cleaner if possible.
3. Your dog needs to be on ivermectine (injection or Tablets) in consultation with your vet regarding dose.
4. Your dog needs to be bathed every 15 days followed by amitraz dip (eg. RIDD) in consulation with your vet. generally 3 - 4 dips are enough.
5. During these days, you dog needs to be kept in a very clean hygenic place and needs to be administered with a liver tonic. An application of anti fungal cream (consult your vet for the name) in the affected area would be essential.

Need to follow the regeime religiously and results would come.
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By Bijal · 06 Aug 2010 4:01 pm
@ Anindya : Very informative. My dog also has same prob. & my vet suggests all these things by paying higher. sometimes I feel that Reputed Vet costing higher for small problems.
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