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I have a 4 month old German Shepherd who does not eat properly.

He is very weak and I am having a hard time raising him. My pup has one boiled egg or a raw egg. he was healthy when I brought him home but now I think i should not have separated him from his mother.
By Shree Hari K · 12 Jun 2015 4:45 pm


By Admin · 12 Jun 2015 6:47 pm
Hi Shree Hari K

First, please do not feed raw eggs to your puppy. Raw Eggs can cause salmonella poisoning which can be dangerous for the pups. We would suggest that you get a full medical check up done for your dog to ensure that he has not caught salmonella.

Secondly, if your pup is a fussy eater, you can mix the Royal Canin German Shepherd Junior food with a variety of foods such as boiled eggs / chicken broth / boiled chicken / vegetable stock / boiled vegetables. A mix and match of the foods should make your puppy hungry enough.

German Shepherd puppies are a part of the working dog group. It is imperative to keep them mentally and physically stimulated. Do ensure that your pup is getting ample amount of exercise everyday. A tired dog will eat well for sure!

Hope this helps!

Team DogSpot
By Shree Hari K · 13 Jun 2015 4:15 pm
Extremely happy for hearing from u, Can i feed him Dry RC and buttermilk later ., Its difficult for me to arrange chicken broth / boiled chicken .., How many boiled eggs can i feed in a day ... And can i feed the yellow part of the Egg. Appreciate ur Work Dogspot team
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By Admin · 15 Jun 2015 9:03 am
Hi Shree Hari KFor chicken broth - you can simply boil in the chicken in a lot of water. If you are a vegetarian, then we understand that preparing chicken can be a bit of a problem. In that case you may boil vegetables such as beans, spinach, pumpkin, carrots, cauliflower in a lot of water. The boiled vegetables can then be added with the dry Royal Canin food or you can add the broth in the food too. The vegetables will provide fibre or healthy digestion.In case of eggs, we would suggest 2 egg whites, no yellow. Start with one egg white in each meal and gradually increase it to two egg whites in each meal.Hope this helps! Thank you very much for your appreciation! We look forward to hearing from you.RegardsTeam DogSpot
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By Sridhar V · 15 Jun 2015 6:02 pm
You should visit a vet. For a similar problem, my pet suggested some liver tonic and I changed his food now my 3.5 month GSD is eating properly and enjoying his food. I give him Drools mixed with mashed boiled egg with little milk in the morning, followed by chicken and boiled rice with few boiled vegetables twice daily.
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