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Why no one seems to want to sell the dogs to the UK, in India?

Hi Guys, I am based in Scotland and have been breeding and showing Dobermans for fifty years. You may find it strange that I have put this on a forum based in India. The reason I have done this is due to the fact that you have some very nice dogs produced by south American dogs that is what interests me but you have caused me a problem when I offer to purchase a dog in India no one seems to want to sell to the UK. Why is this? My second point is when I say show quality this is what I mean do not try to offer me pet quality for show prices there is know point in this if you are a breeder of quality animals then get in touch with me all I ask is be honest about your stock.
By Thomas · 27 May 2011 3:28 pm


By MAVI KENNEL · 29 May 2011 2:01 pm
Hi buddy mail me i am having something very intresting for you as we talk earlier ...

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By Thilak · 08 Jun 2011 2:13 am
Hi Thomas

The catch is the air travel, its kind of tricky, esp the export documentation needed for sending the dog. Again certain affliations (ie., certifications by the local vet) is not accepted at your port when you are doing a trade. Its easy to transfer your pet from to there, but when it comes to trade most of the dealers / breeders are not very clear about the documentation requirements. This is could one of the reason why the breeders are not responding.

One more thing is the bloodlines of most of the breeders are either orginated from european countries or american countries. In India there is hardly a breeder who really works on the Work Lines, most of them are on the show lines. This could be another reason.

If you contact the reputed kennels may be they will be able to sort out some thing for you.

Try this link where you can get the breeder information (authentcity of the information is yours, as some claims certain bloodlines , they might be available on Paper, but the actual dog might be of some other parents. Again not all of them are like that you should be the judge)
https://www.dogsindia.com/bree d_list.htm

Hope this helps


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