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I have a 2 yrs od Golden Retriver named Nawab,he is actually really pampered,help?

Hi Guys, I have a 2 yrs od Golden Retriver named Nawab. HE is actually really pampered. But his temperament shoots up when ever some one tries to touch him or come close to him. Other wise hez a sweetheart when ppl are around. HE will do his thing and move around guests but as soon as some one tries to touch him he will jump. Anyone has any advice as how do I make him people friendly. Thanking you Nawab
By Pallavi · 04 May 2009 3:52 pm


By Pallavi · 04 May 2009 3:52 pm
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By Dinkar Singh · 04 May 2009 6:18 pm
You say jump. Explain a bit more does he put his paws on the people or holds their hand or bites or gets scared and jumps and puts his tail between his legs. Tell me more about your dog and then may be I can help or give you some advise.

Did you see his parents when you bought him and were they friendly. Where did you buy him from a pet shop or a proper breeder. When I say breeder I do not mean backyard breeders.

Do you keep him ties or open all the time and what kind of an environment does he stay in (house with large garden, no garden, flat. Who takes care of him and walks him. Where does he sleep. etc)
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By Vikram · 05 May 2009 11:48 am
yeah - what exactly do you mean by jump? Does he jump up in a friendly gesture or does he get aggressive? It's really strange for a Golden Retriever not to like being touched - they are usually very lovable and affectionate dogs!
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By Pallavi · 05 May 2009 11:59 am
I got him from a friend of mine and saw the parents they were very loving and affectionate. I got him when he was about 1 month old. we live in a Flat but we have a terrace flat which is close to 1000SqFt. Hence he gets his excercie. We make him run for an hr everyday. We never keep him tied always left loose and he sleeps with us either on the bed or on the floor with his mat in a internal A/C home. We also leave the A/C on during the days if we are out for work or soemthing, so that he doesnt feel hot - Cause of the weather.
Now, when i have friends over he will put his paws in thier waist and bark scarring them and which ones get scared he will bark more. After a while he will settle and lay close to where everyone is sitting and say for example if someone dropped a tissue or a clip[ or anyhting on the floor and they go to reach for it he will growl and scare them. As of yet he has only grabbed/attacked a family memeber once till date offcourse that person was teasing him so he rightfully did his job. But now its sort of become his habbit if he disagrees with anyhitng not his way he will start to get possessive and growl or snarl. My Husband is the only person who he listens to and doesnt bits at all. Others he will scare with his barking and growls. hitting o spanking him does not work we try the ignore movt where he dont talk to him and its like a silent punishment but in sometime he gets back to his behaviour.
Hence plz help!!!!!
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By Runni · 05 May 2009 2:12 pm
Had he gone through his basic obedience training? And please dont allow him to sleep in your bed, no matter how loving he is.
He listens to your husband becuase he is the ALPHA to your dog. Everybody else is ranked below your dog according to your dog's thinking and thus he growl or snarl at others to show that HE IS THE BOSS, not you. This is not the case with your husband becuase to your dog YOUR HUSBAND IS THE BOSS.
This behaviour must have been changed much earlier, infact within 1st year. You should have made clear to him that he is NOT the boss to anybody, not even to tha smallest child. But as this was not done he assumed himself to be the boss and thus he became so possessive.
All of his behaviour including jumping, barking, etc is pointing clearly that he thinks he is the boss & is trying to control everybody else.
This is a serious problem as he is a adult dog. Moulding his behaviour now is much harded than it would have been in his puppyhood. Still try to change this behaviour. Panishment will not work, so go for a "earn a treat"
method. Each time he jumps request your HUSBAND to put his paws down saying "DOWN" in a farm but low voice. As soon as he settles down give him his favorite treat/biscuit or anything he likes most. Please be consistent in your training, do this everytime he jumps. For barking problem, say "STOP" in the same manner & reward him assoon as he stops. Remember it may take months as he has already established himself as the ALPHA. Now you will have to gain that position back & he will certain not like it. I think for the time being request your husband to train him as to your dog he is the ALPHA & thus will not disobey him.
Also start immediately with his basic training if it has not been done before. and MOST IMPORTANT: NEVER EVER ALLOW HIM TO SLEEP IN YOUR BED & FEED HIM ONLY AFTER EVERY FAMILY MEMBER HAS EATEN.
Best of luck. Also their are many articles available online on dog behaviour modification. Do read them.
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By Rana Atheya · 06 May 2009 12:04 am
@retina Applauds!! really nice advice
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By Dinkar Singh · 06 May 2009 10:17 am
I agree with Retina and good advise. Also this is why I tell everyone do not get a pup before it is atleast 2 months old. Some behavioral problems also come up when pups are taken too soon from their mother.

There are a few things I would like to add.

1. Yes no sleeping on the bed or in the bedroom, but do it gradually.
2. Feeding - Who feeds him. If it just your husband change that. Another thing does he know the command sit. If so always tell him to sit before feeding him and when he sits praise him and give him the bowl. I would also suggest that you put him on a leash when doing it to be on the safer side as I dont really know how bad the situation is. After a few days ask other people in the house/ family to do this also, not just one person.
3. Walks - take him out for walks on the leash. Do not let him take you for a walk, you should decide where you want him to go. Try and start doing heel training. get a choke collar as Golden can get quite big and an untrained dog very unruly.
4. Restrain - At home restrain him to a certain area, that is do not allow him free access to your entire home. Do so only when you are around and want him free because he has done something nice.
5. Socialisation - I dont know if that was done as a pup. Basically that is getting a pup used to various things and situation, including different people so that he does not feel scared or nervous when he grows up. Would also recommend you asking someone who is not scared of dogs, to meet you in the park and then that person can speak to the dog and give him a tit bit and then after a few days pet him and give a tit bit. Keep changing the person also, by doing so he will think of strangers as friends and a way of getting treats from them if he behaves himself. Also do this at home once the outside stuff has worked out but please keep the leash on just incase he plans to snap or jump. But do not keep the leash tense as dog know when you are tense and will sense danger.
6. Jump Training - Do not accept his jumping behaviour and scold him. Also put him on a leash and take him to people and when he jumps at them ask them to raise their knee so that the dog gets it on his chest when he jumps. This you must tell people in advance so that they do it instantly. And you must say no firmly and bad dog. Also jerk the chain/ leash and say a firm no, bad boy. Praise and scolding go hand in hand. When he behaves praise him lavishly. So he knows the difference between good and bad behaviour.

Please never think of beating or hitting a dog. I do not believe in hitting or beating the dog to train him and have seen a lot on trainer doing it. It is very bad and can cause other behavioral problems, not to mention the chance of the dog turning on you and doing damage to you. One more thing I would like to suggest is get him checked by your vet for any health issues. A lot of times we as owners do not realise that Our beloved pet is suffering from some health issue and due to which there is a change in his behaviour and temperament. Goldens have a lot of coat and can get skin problems and also ear infestion. Now that I think of it, it can be a ear infestion also as you keep him in the ac and damp conditions are ideal for such infestions of the ear. So get him checked by a good vet.

Hey dont worry, but follow my instructions and be a bit careful, persistent and regular and things should be just fine. What I have told you is all by experience of over 20 years. Alpha behaviour generally comes out when a pup is growing and becoming an adult, generally seen in all male guarding breeds. Uncommon in Goldens as far as i know, but spoiling a dog can result in it plus lack of training and socialisation.

I know you guys really love this dog and will have to take out time and seriously do the above along with what Retina said and it will all become fine, but not overnight it will take time.

Let me know how things go. All The Best.
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