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Is it ok if i feed him dog food in afternon and stem rice roti in evening?

guys i have a 5 months gsd currently i feed him royal canin maxi junior 32 ,also boiled eggs (one every day)and boiled mutton and chicken (twice in week) me planing to shift to eucanuba also is it ok if i feed him dog food in afternon and stem rice roti in evening plz suggest
By gautam sawant · 02 Apr 2010 3:14 pm


By gautam sawant · 02 Apr 2010 3:15 pm
he also has calcium supplement by pfizer
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By Arpit · 02 Apr 2010 3:40 pm
same is the case with me . i have a 10 mnth old GSD, giving him almost the same food. give him food thrice a day as of nw and u can shift to twice a day after 2 months.
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By gautam sawant · 05 Apr 2010 2:43 pm
i have switched from royal canin to eucanuba
he seems to like it --- i have faced problems feeding him RC
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By shreyank · 06 Apr 2010 10:45 am
hi samir.. wad prblms did u face wid r.c?
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By gautam sawant · 07 Apr 2010 1:54 am
he never liked RC , he would not eat it , i had to keep mixing it with , boiled egg , milk , curd , rice to make him eat it
but eucanoba , he likes it , and eats it without any fuss
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By Hameed Sulaiman · 09 Apr 2010 2:21 am
oh thats only because of the additives they add...
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By bhartan · 15 Apr 2010 12:29 pm
when using calcium supplements ensure that it's not making the calcium go beyond 1.2 %. also, insure that the calcium/phosphorous balance is correct.
calcium overdose causes problems with a dog’s bones.
ps: natural meat based diet beats Eukenuba and RC by a miles

good health happy eating to ur dog
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By gautam sawant · 16 Apr 2010 9:21 am
thanks bhartan
even me think of switching to home made food --- rice , veggies , chickhen and meat ( i feed him ocasinally)
i have tried royal canin , now switched to eucanuba
chinu is not keen in eating either
so far he is on this comercial food and his growth is good with nice coat
me not sure --- switching to homemade food should interfere with his growth
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By bhartan · 16 Apr 2010 4:29 pm
Hi Sameer,

We are on the same boat. I have a 5mo rottie and a 2yo dobermanXGSD. I was feeding them eukanuba. they didn’t like it much. dehydrated granules, I’m sure they don’t taste great.

The pup got diarrhea when it was 2mo, i fed him boiled boneless chicken with rice to nurse his stomach for a few days and then he simply lost all interest in eukanaba. i then gradually switched to raw chicken (mutton once in a while) with bones for both dogs. it is nutritionally balanced with all minerals as well. but it has to be raw with raw bones. I can make out they are much healthier them before and no more tummy upsets.

however, there are people who are dead against feeding bones even raw bones. but a lot of people are keeping their dogs exclusively on raw diet minus any supplements with great results.

i can only suggest that you do detailed research on prey model raw and on barf weigh the pros and cons and then decide if you want to go for it.

Best wishes,

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yashkant gaur
By jitender pal singh · Pet Shops · 01 Mar 2011 5:30 pm ·
yashkant gaur
By El Bandito · Puppy Care · 12 Nov 2010 1:45 am ·

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