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I own a 5 months old GSD and I am looking for a Trainer,please help?

I own a 5 months old GSD and I am looking for a Trainer in or around Thane, Mulund, Mumbai India. Would any one know any trainer around?
By gautam sawant · 02 Apr 2010 3:09 pm


By shreyank · 04 Apr 2010 3:40 pm
wad problems r u facin?? does ur gsd bites u?
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By Runni · 05 Apr 2010 9:19 am
Train him by ueself....its easy & fun...but if u want to train him for show purpose then u will need a trainer..otherwise basic obedience training can be very well completed by he owner himself...
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By gautam sawant · 05 Apr 2010 2:49 pm
@ shreyank -- he doesnot bite me , but he is getting aggresive towards visitors , priviously he was ok but now he barks when ever there is door bell and and keeps barking at the visitors , if not attended he is willing to chase the sweeper and milk man
me afraid if he bites any one .
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By gautam sawant · 05 Apr 2010 2:53 pm
@ runni , i am trying to teach some basic comands , but he will follow only when he wants otherwise he will just ignore
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By Runni · 05 Apr 2010 2:55 pm
Samir, he is a GSD & is supposed to do all those things!
But of course u need to teach him not to bite or chase anybody. That may be dangerous for him too. But remember that what he is doing is natural for a herding dog which is very commonly used as guard/watch dog.
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By gautam sawant · 05 Apr 2010 2:56 pm
also facing problem with his potty , some times he will relive himself outside , otherwise will come back home and then pee and do potty
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By gautam sawant · 05 Apr 2010 2:59 pm
yaa even i understand that , my purpose was same when i opted for a gsd
only want to make sure that he doesnot bites anyone
hence lokin for a trainer
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By Runni · 05 Apr 2010 3:07 pm
Ok, I will share some tips for proper potty & obedience training. Hope they work on ur gsd.
1st, u need to reinforce ur alpha position as he is ignoring u. Some articles are there in dog training section on how to do so. Read them & follow the tips.
Always keep training session brief & interesting. Treats are essential parts of training.
Teach only one command at a time. Move to the next one only he performs the command without delay & treat. Dog will loose its interest if the training session is long, boring & doesnt involve a treat.
Start with sit cammand. At the beginning u may need to show him how to sit. Always use hand command along with voice. Dogs do not follow a command if they cant understand what u r telling them to do.
After sit gradually introduce come, lay down, heel, jump. etc etc.
Everyday start training session with the revison of the old commands. Move to a new command only if he follows all the old commands.
Initial training session should be in a place with no/minimum disturbances. Training can be off or on-leash, I prefer the first one. Once he is following a command then practice it in a place where there are many distractions.
NO TREAT if he doesnt follow immediately. Dont let him play if he ignores ur command. Rather repeat ur command till he is forced to do so.
Be patient & consistant.
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By Runni · 05 Apr 2010 3:13 pm
For making sure he doesnt bite anybody proper socialization is must. Introduce him to new people under close supervision at ur doorstep. Praise him for not barking & not chasing.
If he tries to chase then say a frm loud "NO" & say "BAD BOY, GO INSIDE". U can come up with any command u like but use the same command everytime. U need to associate a command with scolding, like I say "What was that" in a angry voice if my gsd do something wrong.
Let him bark when the doorbell rings but command him to stop after u open ur door. Teach him to sit beside u at the doorstep while u check out who rang the bell. Never allow him to run through the open door without ur cxommand. If he tries to sneak out scolding him using ur chosen command & send him inside.
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By Runni · 05 Apr 2010 3:18 pm
Potty training takes the longest time of all training. If he is peeing after coming back then he probably doesnt know that u want him to do that outside. Carry treats with u while u take him outside. Give it to him immediately after he relieves himself.
Clean up the area inside ur house where he pees & make that area unavailable to him. If he still tries to pee inside immediately say a loud NOOOOO & rush him outside. A treat again for doing that outside. With time & constant training he will learn.
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By shreyank · 06 Apr 2010 11:00 am
dis is wad i did wid my lab:
make a schedule: note down d tym wheneva he pees or poos for a week n den take him out at dat tym.. i noe d tymings maynot be consistent but u vl get a rough idea of his daily schedule...
wait for 10-15 mins n if he doesnt do his job den get him inside..
it vl take tym but den he vl understand..
i started trainin oscar by this method wen he ws around 5.5 month old n nw he is around 6.5 month old n is completely housetrained..
hope dis helps..
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By gautam sawant · 07 Apr 2010 2:11 am
thanks guys for ur sugestion
i have observed that the problem is not with my dog but me and my mom
i am not able to give him enough time -- i manage to take him for walk but not able to give daily training sessions
and my mom is not following the deit shedulle , also he is vry much pampered by her
currently trying to manage time
so as to i can give him daily training sessions and schedule for feeding him
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By Hemanshu · 07 Apr 2010 5:51 pm
Samir - thats good, you have found the cause of the behavior. I have seen too much of pampering too spoils dog, since most of the time we need to be firm with pets and if we pamper a lot, emotions get carried away. This is the same rule as we apply to human beings. I would suggest you or who ever is considered as Alpha in the pack, be "Firm" and consistent.
Coming to be barking behavior, you can over come this - may be you would like to try this a bit.
If your GSD is barking a lot, you might want to put a leash around him and take him away from his usual spot, start ignoring him and do not pay attention.
If you do this repeatedly, your GDS would come to know what you do not like and would not do it again. Again the key is consistency and patience. Also giving time while teaching these things are important.
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