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I have a female Rottweiler he dosn't bark on any one,help?

Hi guys i m manoj and i have a female rotti n she is 4 month old she is a really healthy n perfect puppy but she dosn't bark on any one i m bit tense bout that is it normal or not any one can touch her any one can enter in my home n she just keep sitting n i thought that rotti are really short tempered dogs but it seems they are not plz tell me some thing about this.........
By Manoj · 22 Jun 2009 2:44 am


By Dinkar Singh · 22 Jun 2009 11:06 am
Hey....I dont know the purpose for what you bought the female Rott.....but take it easy she is just a pup. Do not DO NOT try and highten the aggression or protectiveness in this dog. Guarding comes naturally to these dogs. She is too small right now and as she grows it will come naturally to her. It is evident that you are a first time rott owner so please follow my instructions as you dont want to hold a tiger by the tail.

Start basic obedience training, socialise the pup well with all types of surroundings and people, do not hit the dog, but be firm. She should be trained and used to everyone in the house and not just you or one person in the house. She should also be made to get used to friends who visit the house regularly. This is large breed dog and very powerful dog. They also need continuous training and reinformments of commands learnt. That means keep reinforcing the training the the pup learns after every few months as this is a dog which at different stages of the life challenges the authority of the owner. Dont worry you have done the right thing my getting a female as they are much easier to train and handle and guard as well as the male.

Otherwise when ever you get someone in the house you will later on have to lock the dog up, which is not fair. From a young age the pup should be made to meet people so that she knows the difference between family, friends and outsiders who may not be welcome. And believe me you will not be able to handle a untrained aggressive rott and they can be a real liability and be like a loaded gun to explode anytime.

They are a wonderful breed as long as you understand their requirements and keep them occupied. If you ever keep any more advise etc, please do let me now as Rottweilers are my first love and have had them for over 20 odd years, when they were a kind of rare breed in India. All the best!!
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By Puneet Sharma · 25 Jun 2009 1:35 am
Hi Kasmanda... Your passion for Rottis flows through your words... This is nice specially since I guess it is one of the most misunderstood & most of the time underestimated breeds... First timers who buy a rott actually buy it because its a cute pup, later when its no longer is a pup, it becomes a pain to them...!
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By Warren Chang · 25 Jun 2009 9:17 am
I have a rottweiler female myself. There are many things that you should know about rottweilers. Firstly, there inbuilt aggression. Although females are more docile than male, they still could become aggressive. So don't worry so much. She will bark, and maybe bite somebody.
Although rottweilers are big dogs, there immune system is very weak, especially to parvo and corona.
Rottweilers are destructive. My girl had eaten the vehicle 3 times, ate the water main line, ruined the garden. eaten countless shoes, furniture etc...
My girl lives in the house so we know. When she is not supervised she spend her time in the crate.
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By Warren Chang · 25 Jun 2009 9:19 am
Also, a rottie is not short tempered or calm. it is how the dog is bought up and how there parents were. if both were aggressive the chances of aggression is high. Generally good socializing is important. You only want her to bark and attack an intruder in your house not the road.
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By Dinkar Singh · 25 Jun 2009 10:00 am
Rottweilers are only destructive when they are left alone for sometime. This behavior is found in many other breeds also if not all breeds. Dogs are social being and hate to be left alone. All dogs need to be also trained from an early age or rather shown what is meant to be chewed and what not. I personally am not in favour of crating a dog. A play pen attached to the house is a better idea.

Thanks puneet1707 for your kind words, yes my first love has been Rottweilers and I have kept them for over 20 odd years, I personally train and show my dogs as a hobby and not a business. The problem these days is what you rightly said, but its with most breeds, people buy pups/ dogs because they look cute or give a macho image etc, not realising nor studying the requirements of that particular breed they choose, hence we have so many pedigree dogs being abandoned. Hope more people like you can spread awareness about these issues.
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