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I have to take care of my Rottweiler, please help?

Hi guys,I own a rottweiler 40 days pup.For some reason my family has to shift to new place.But as I own a restaurant I can't. So i have to take care of my Rottweiler myself but problem is that I cant give him time in between my working hours and that is up to 10-12 hrs a day but i walk with him for two times a day for 30-35min each. I was concerned that rott is not under any surveillance for 10-12 hrs. Would this thing create any kind of problem with him for his concern I was planning to buy a companion(lab,golden may be cane corso) for him... Guys please help me with my problem... What should i do?
By baljinder singh · 13 Feb 2013 4:02 pm


By Navjot Singh · 16 Feb 2013 7:18 pm
Baljinder ji, dogs are very sociable animals and it'll be very unfair to keep them alone all day. The good thing is you are at least meeting the exercise requirement of this dog. I don't think bringing another dog will solve this problem. It will rather increase the amount of care you need to direct towards them.
Rottweilers are very trainable dogs and extremely intelligent. My advice will be to let your dog be in the restaurant premises.Your dog will see people coming in and going out. He will see different people and hence he will become a very sociable dog in the future. I think, you should take him in gradually. For one hour for one day, 2 hours another day and half day for another. When your dog stays with you in the restaurant, the bond between you and your dog will become stronger.
Most people now accept dogs and very few would have apprehensions on the dog being in the hotel ( saying on the customers perspectives .
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By baljinder singh · 27 Feb 2013 8:26 pm
thanx navjot ji,very helpful observation.sir,dog in restaurant that is the main problem i tried but girls made some nasty havoc at the place and few other just step back.10 -12 hrs a day alone in house will it make any unsocial or unhealthy impact on my dog?or is it that rotty will learn my life style......i dont want 2 drop my dog
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