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I experienced a new behavior in my dog, help?

Hi guys, Yesterday I experienced a new behavior in my dog.I have a Dalmatian 3 months old and is already basic trained like he knows "sit, down, roll", he's basic house trained and a lovely puppy by now and is very very attached to my wife.Yesterday I got my neighbor's 1 year old human baby home, just to see how my puppy reacts to him, although i didn't let him go near the baby but he was over over excited to see a baby and wanted to jump all over him, but i held him in "down" position.Few minutes later when my wife became little close and cuddly to the baby, here the problem started my puppy started slowly growling, and barking and was almost out of control.For the well of it we sent the neighbor's baby away to his home, scared he might jump out of control and hurt him.... Now the question is...after a year or two for sure we'll have our own baby at home...what then?? will it be hard to control our dog's jealousy and how to go about it?? I was born when there was a 3 year old dog in my home though my parents say he never hurt me or misbehaved with me...i don't know what i'll do with this one when the time comes..And my dalmatian pup is too too attached to us, specially my wife.
By ABHISHEK BONNERJEE · 31 Mar 2012 11:32 am


By Suraj · 31 Mar 2012 8:29 pm
scotch is really very cute. He is just 3 months old. Teach him how to behave when children around.
next time when ur neighbor take her baby to ur home, prevent scotch with hands or legs. Use your legs as barrier between baby and scotch. While doing so,say no and if necessary give a tug on his leash(not too hard). After some repetitions he became calm. When he settle down give him treats and praises. This way you teach him good behaviour.
I teach children below 5 years and this technique helps me. My dog never comes near the children and only came when I allow him.Hope this help you.
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By Navjot Singh · 31 Mar 2012 8:30 pm
When you brought the baby to your home, your Dalmation puppy was curious to know him. That's why he was overly excited. This behaviour is very normal for a puppy. As he comes across new things, he'll get used to them. Early socialisation is very important. You should socialise your puppy with all things sorrounding him. These can be kids playing in the street or just a pet dog in the neighborhood. This will ensure when he grows up into a full fledge dog, he doesn't see them as intruders but as just things that he lives with.
You should bring that baby again, keep him in the leash and let him sniff the baby. But do keep him in a close supervision. The puppy will get used to him.
In first 6 months, puppies absorb a lot of knowledge, so making them well-socialised at this stage, will ensure you''ll have a non-problematic and easily adjustable pet for the remaining life.
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By Suraj · 31 Mar 2012 11:08 pm
Yes navjot its very good to socialize but some times cases arise when U don't want your dog to sniff around. So dogs must take permissions and then allowed
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By Navjot Singh · 01 Apr 2012 10:25 am
Suraj, we're not suggesting ours dogs should always sniff around. In the above senario, the smell of the baby is what's attracting the puppy. If the puppy is allowed to sniff the child, he'd know his smell and the next time he comes to the house, he would recognise that smell and won't be as curious as he was in the first instance. Unlike us, dogs gather a lot of information around them through their nose.
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By ABHISHEK BONNERJEE · 01 Apr 2012 10:44 am
Hey guys thanks to all for your suggestion, all of you actually are very true from each of ur perspective...and yes I do socialize a scotch a lot since he was just one month old, he loves to go for drives, he's very friendly with the neighbors (adults), loves his evening walks in front of our apartment and playtime in our court yard, 2 days in a week he also goes to my mother's place and loves to stay there like a vacation out of home (I practiced this routine from since he came to me at 24 days of age so he's familiar with both homes as when me and my wife go out for vacations he equally loves my mother and brother and stay there, and finally yes right maybe he reacted like that because for the first time he saw a human baby, and the smell of a baby was driving him curious.He has also socialized a lot with other dogs at the vet, never scared, never aggressive, just tries to smell and be curious when he sees another dog, unless the other dog reacts aggressive.Well hope he grows up to a nice and well behaved dog...
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