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I had gone to the Vet Hospital to get my dog (lab) neutered,help?

I had gone to the Vet Hospital today to get my dog (lab) neutered and the Dr in charge told me that it was not required as castration will not restrict the flow of hormones which make the dog aggressive.How true is this !!All US sites recommend neutering (mostly as they dont want the dog population to explode) When I told him that my dog was hyperactive and a little aggressive , he ensured me that by 11 months of age there will be a sea change in my LABS behaviour. I am confused now (this doc is the best in the city)
By phoebe · 13 Jan 2012 1:06 pm


By Anil @ DoggiesDude · 13 Jan 2012 7:09 pm
aggression is not related to Neutering as per my experience (not a vet ).It depends on the TYPE of aggression. Remember an un-neutered male can smell a female in heat up to a mile away. When in-tact males sense this smell around them, it MAY make them more more agitated as their drive to procreate can distract them to the point of insanity. Usually, Neutered pets are much more content than their unneutered counterparts - as the drive to procreate has been diminished.

Below is the list of some of the reasons why we believe in neutering dogs.

For population control. There are too many dogs without homes. You just need to go to your local NGOs to see how many - Males generally make much better pets when neutered.
Males will usually lose the urge to roam. I have seen statistics that state that 90% of dogs that roam will stop after neutering.
Dogs will be less likely to urine mark.
Males are usually less aggressive towards other dogs (60% less according to statistics I have seen).
They are less dominant with their own families.
Prevents testicular cancer and prostate problems later in life.
They are 70% less likely to mount other dogs or people.
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By Navjot Singh · 15 Jan 2012 4:43 pm
It's true Labradors are very hyperactive and yours is no exception. Your vet is right when he said he'll be more docile as he grows older. I'm not sure why your doctor said neutering doesn't control aggressive behaviour. In fact, most vet do suggest neutering to rule out any behavioural related problems. I've read neutered dogs are more trainable. You need to tell us in more detail what your dog is aggressive to. During adolescence many growing dogs do get very protective towards other dogs, which is very normal. However, if this protective instict turns ugly in the sense that the dog has hurted the other dog then getting the rogue dog neutered should be considered.
But, i think neutering shouldn't only be considered in behavioural terms. If you want your dog to be healthy in general then you should go it.
If you think your dog is very hyperactive and has started to become very aggressive and destructive then perhaps he's not getting enough exercise. You have to fight sword with sword. Increase the no. of miles you walk your dog. You can make him run on fenced parks or on the roof of your house. I've seen Labradors being walked with water-filled containers on their back. The more is your dog exhausted, the less he's hyperactive and destructive at home.
If you don't meet the exercise requirement of your dog then even neutering can't stop him from being destructive.
Anil bhai insn't this true?
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By Anil @ DoggiesDude · 15 Jan 2012 4:46 pm
Exactly true..Excess Energy needs to be channeled else might become destructive. A Tired Dog is a Happy Dog.
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By Anil @ DoggiesDude · 15 Jan 2012 4:50 pm
I have adopted a 2 yrs old Doberman Male named Don who was highly aggressive. Reason being he was always tied up and not properly taken care of. He is with me since 3 months now. He got ample space to run , never tied, has become calmer a lot..even though he has bitten 3 staff of mine (all ran away.) but he plays with me..only when u pat him on his neck he gets aggressive. But since his energy is released due to running freely we are hopeful he will calm down more in few months.
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By Navjot Singh · 15 Jan 2012 6:14 pm
Anil bhai, this dog was for sure not brought up properly. Had he been properly socialised well during puppyhood, he wouldn't have been like this today. I know a guy who has recently brought a 3 months old Rottweiller male. What he does is he calls all kids in his colony and ask them to touch the puppy and also makes them feed biscuites from their hands. Also, he takes him on the roadside and allow him to experience traffice movement. I think, this is the best way to have a well socialised dog. Am sure when this Rottweiller grows up adult he'll make all that crap about this breed a mockery.
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By Anil @ DoggiesDude · 15 Jan 2012 6:18 pm
he was to be put to sleep when i came to know about him. it is said that he could not stay at a new place for more than 12-15 days and then he was thrown out... So far he is doing OK..lets see if he calms down we can find a home..
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By PRADEEP KOUSHIK · 23 Jan 2012 7:38 pm
hi Maximas,
You said the doc is best in city you are damn right.Generally most vets would would neuter and then ask.There are 2 aspects why neutering has to be atleast after one year.Firstly testicles do produce hormones,
which are necessory for proper physical as well as mental growth.These hormones are very complex chemicals and not just testastrorone.Without them at young age,the dog growth is skewed,even if he may
appear to be physically growing well.Simple harmless example is your dog will never lift his leg to piss.
Second reason is,there is hardly any connection between teenage hyperactvity and neutering.Only the surgical pain and stitches may put the dog into less active state.Some dogs will return to their tantrums
some may not be that quick.Meanwhile the age catches on and dog becomes sober.Right result for wrong ,expensive and painful reason.Females too can be equally active and destructive.Now here is the
punchline.The quality life for labs in today's urban life is 2 to 2.5 years,after that anyway he is going to be fat couch potato with one walk around the apartment park if boss is home early and if it is not raining,and if there are no visitors and owners are not going for evening shopping or party and....Somebody said labs are great swimmers ,can retrieve nets,ducks fallen in lake..Point is let your dog have some fun while he can.Believe me there are breeds and breeds which make worst lab seem like Buddha.Yet people love those
breeds for their energy.A duschhound,an airdale or central asian sheepdog or one macaw bird can be more than 5 labs on rampage.
Early neutering is only for retained testicle which fails to descend to scrotum even after 8 months and treatment.There is real risk of cancer then.
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