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Please advise how to overcome the biting habit of my dog?

i had just picked up a lab male pupborn on 19 mar11. when ever i take him out he insist on eating sand, mud, concrete, all dirt. what ever i do he will just not move. it has made painful to take him for outdoor. he also has an habbit of biting and just not scared and keep coming back back for biting even if you hold his mouth closed.is it normal? i fear if he does not start biting? unlike lab he seems to be a bet aggresive? pleae advice
By sagar · 15 May 2011 9:47 am


By Pritam · 16 May 2011 8:19 pm
No dude it's not agression....Ur pup is going through teething period....New teeths gonna replace the milk teeths as in humans....So itz called puppy bitting....Not agression and thtz absolutely normal during this period of time.Making him learn the word NO and ignore him for a while when he starts biting....Also u can just give him a light flick on his nose(Not painful just a light one) to make him understand what he's been doing is wrong.

Now as for the sand eating part....Dont take your dog outside on walks till he's up-to-date on his deworming and vaccinations schedule....coz he might catch some infection with this behaviour.....U haven't told how old is your pup though...Mine did the same until he was like 4 months old.....So i believe itz just normal puppyhood behaviour.
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By abhijeet patel · 17 May 2011 11:22 am
first never take pup outside on muddy grounds or sandy even grassy grounds till the time they are atlest 2 months old secondly give caldipet to fullfill there calcium deficiency third try chew sticks to make them busy not bone sticks only
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