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My dog started biting what should i do?

hai . i bought a lab puppy from a reputable breeder . he used to bite us when we bought him at 2 months and i was able to stop it by telling a firm "no" and by ignoring him . he is now 4 months and he has started to bite again ,quite earnestly too . if he gets only our dress he leaves and bites again ,he makes sure he gets some part of our leg . i tried telling him "no" ,ignoring him by turning my back on him . i even tried grabing his mouth and looking sternly into his eyes and telling a firm "no"(internet tip ), which got me nothing but a full blown attack with barking ,growing and biting. thankfully his teeth just grazed my legs through my dress . he is very loving and sweet at other times and follows me everywhere . what should i do ?
By rukma kiran · 22 Jul 2011 11:03 am


By Hema · 22 Jul 2011 9:04 pm
Your pup is perfectly fine. he is only acting this way because he must be teething. just like babies puppies tend to bite whatever they can when teething. you can give him chew toys and calcium bones to soothe his irritated gums. give him soft chew toys. they are easily available at the pet shops. eventually the habit will go, meanwhile continue to tell him no when he bites the things he shouldn't.
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By pennypup · 22 Jul 2011 9:24 pm
Because he is biting and now not responding to "no" you need to change words. Try "off" instead.
Also, keep him on a leash from now on. This way when he starts to bite you can jerk on his collar and leash and say "off" in a firm tone. This will give him enough of a correction.
If you do not want to keep him on leash all the time, you will then have to resort to a poke instead. When he bites you, poke him with two fingers on his side between his back leg and belly. (the soft area, not the ribs) and say "off".
You shouldn't look directly into a dogs eyes as it is a challenge. This is most likely why he attacked you.
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By Navjot Singh · 23 Jul 2011 10:28 pm
Hi Kiran,
I'm sure ur puppy bites when he's in a playful mood. I also own a 4 month old Lab and I know when he's likely to bite anyone. When he comes back from a play session, he'll franatically run from one corner of the house to another and if I dare to stop or if anyone comes on his way, he'll severly bite him/her. Having noticed this recurrent behaviour, I nsure when he comes back from play session, he's properly kept on leash for an hour or so.
Sometimes, when I'm on bed or chair, he'll come and start to take my finger on his mouth. With no delays, I immediately get up and leave the room. When I return back after 2minutes, I find him well mannered. This reaction of mine conveys a message to the puppy that his bitting is not liked by me and it leads to a loss of his play mate. The next time, I find him quietly laying down besides my feet!!!
Also, a bored dog may resort to biting to break his boredom. Daily walk, helps the dog physically, but it doesn't mentally stimulates him. If u want to train the dog to not to bite, you must train him to do other things. A mentally busy puppy will never feel the need to bite his master.
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By sumit · 27 Jul 2011 7:56 pm
Most probably he wants nothing but to play. Larbador pups can be mischievous when they are playful. They are just like the naughty boys in the class who keeps on bugging teachers' attention.

But if you are keeping him in a confined space or he remains alone mostly, then this behaviour can be one form of repercussion.
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