I have a 1 month old golden Spitz. I want to know about his diet plan and vaccinations.

I have a one year old Labrador boy. He has been diagnosed with patellar luxation in both his hind legs. For the past three days, he is not eating properly and seems like has gone into depression. The vet has advised surgery but only in Ludhiana. Can someone suggest a place where i can get a brace till the time i get the surgery done. 

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For one-month-old Spitz Feed the puppy with starter food until the puppy is 2 months old. Feed your puppy with starter food 3- 4 times in a day. While introducing the food you may soak it in warm water and serve it when cool at room temperature. For Vaccination do take your puppy to nearby vet you vet will provide a vaccination card with the details when to puppy again for follow-up of booster dose or vaccine. Also, there will be a column for the deworming to mark the schedule.
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