We have 1 year female lab dog...we feed drools with rice,milk and some time boiled egg..last 2 to 3

We have 1 year female lab dog...we feed drools with rice,milk and some time boiled egg..last 2 month she is having itching problem and having round red patches and she use to start itching and it's spreading everywhere and hair fall too... consulted many vet docs but no use. Recently one doc told us she is having food allergies they said not to use drools.... they wanted to suggest some other foreign food and its very costly. we are vegetarian people..at present ragi porridge and boiled egg 3 times.please help us skin problem and for food problem

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Hi, as per your question it seems that your lab is having worms in the stomach I think. We should not feed milk to the dogs, where there is a chance of forming worms which affect their digestion. If the lab is active & performing its daily activities in a normal way, then it might be having the vitamin deficiency which is not getting required vitamins & nutrients to stop its hair fall. For hair fall there are multiple reasons like flea & ticks, mice, dandruff, etc ... Please make sure whether it's affected by any of them or not. Consult your vet once for making them free of worms in their stomach as you are feeding it milk. It is better to make a deworming first, where there are different types of dewormer tablets & syrups which will be prescribed by the vet to use for them. As well there are vet doctors who will be treating & prescribe the medicines online by seeing your case. If you are looking for one of the services like that please check this --- https://
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