I have a 1 year old beagle not eating food by himself.

He is turning 1 in April he does not eat any dry food I repeat any!!! He will eat for 2 days and then reject it. He is dewormed and vaccinated properly. I started giving him 2 thick roti with pedigree wet food four times a day recently he does not like to eat all 4 times and has to be hand fed. Am I overfeeding him?? There is no decrease in his activities. Please help!!
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Hi, As your dog is now above 6 month of age. you can now feed him 2 meals. To correct the fuzziness in eating feed him on specific time. i suggest to talk to your vet or dog nutrition expert to help you with recipe that you can make at home and also suits to your vet. Before all of this rule out the health problem, by getting him checked by the vet.
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