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Medicine or shampoo to stop shedding?

I have 11 month old GSD male which is very healthy but from last 4 month facing shredding problem large amount of coats in every room and lawn in my home so kindly suggest me the some medicine or any shampoo to stop the shredding.
By Vishal Sarathe · 03 Oct 2012 4:26 pm


By Salil Thakur · 04 Oct 2012 7:07 pm
Even we faced that same problem with our GSD who is now 2 years old.I am not any expert but i think they go on changing their coat till they are fully sexually matured which little more than 2 years
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yashkant gaur

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By Arun Rajendran · Buying a puppy · 28 Jan 2015 11:42 am · Reply Now
yashkant gaur

My lab is suffering from disease in which his skin drys off and it i ... Read More

By Kunal Lakhani · Buying a puppy · 16 Nov 2014 12:10 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur

I have a four year old female pug. She got skin infection and black spots somewhere ... Read More

By RUBY · Buying a puppy · 08 Oct 2014 2:41 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur

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By Sadhna Rana · Buying a puppy · 03 Sep 2014 4:25 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur

My GSD is full of ticks. The usual ... Read More

By Jamini Padhi · Buying a puppy · 30 Aug 2014 12:46 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
I want to know the details of Sancoat / Velcot -5days, what do you mean by this, is this a medicine or something else Please explain.
By BR · Buying a puppy · 16 Aug 2014 2:57 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur

I have a st. Bernard of 2 months old which is the best brand ... Read More

By uj · Buying a puppy · 28 Jun 2014 10:50 am · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
My 14 months lab is shedding heavily...plz suggest something to stop shedding...also he has a bit longer hair then the most of the labs do have..is it ... Read More
By Prateek · Buying a puppy · 12 May 2014 4:26 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
Low shedding dog breeds
By Abhinav · Buying a puppy · 12 May 2014 12:44 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
My dog sheds a lot of hair, what precautions or remedies can be applied to reduce his shedding. He is a 5 year old Beagle
By Chester · Buying a puppy · 09 Nov 2013 12:25 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur

I have a Labrador Retriever 9 months old. His hairs are shedding heav ... Read More

By Rakhee Singh · Buying a puppy · 27 Aug 2013 11:06 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
My dog does not eat regularly. what medicine shall i give to him?
By pallab · Buying a puppy · 22 Aug 2013 4:22 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
Suggest some best dog supplement for shedding?
By Faisal Khan · Buying a puppy · 02 Jul 2013 12:34 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
My dog is wounded near its rear right leg and is limping what medicine should i apply? its a lhasa apso
By Rishabh · Buying a puppy · 11 May 2013 10:09 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
I have a 2yrs old German Spitz female dog she is suffering from skin disease for last 5months. Regularly i go to the vets and they suggested some med ... Read More
By Suchismita Dash · Buying a puppy · 23 Jan 2013 1:38 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
Which shampoo should i use to give bath to my 3 month rottweiler puppy ??
By Shashank Baluni · Buying a puppy · 27 Oct 2012 8:09 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
Going thru a very difficult problem with my 12months cocker. he is into too much of shedding for past 10 days,he is losing bunches of hair everyday, a ... Read More
By Abhilasha Sharma · Buying a puppy · 09 Oct 2012 1:32 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
I have 3 questions, I have a Golden Retriever, he's 22 months old, I have never brushed his teeth and feel that I should do so now, can you help me wi ... Read More
By Bumzy · Buying a puppy · 11 Sep 2012 11:56 am · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
I have an 2 yrs. old male Labrador Retriever, from last one month his hairs are shedding heavily, I also got his hairs trimmed 15 days back but no use ... Read More
By Manish Gupta · Buying a puppy · 18 May 2012 12:44 pm · Reply Now

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