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I have tried not to give any alternative and skiped his one meal so that he feels hungry but of no use. ?

i have 12 months old male labrador. i feed him twice a day.i have just shifted from dehradun to ranchi. earlier my dog was very fond of having Royal Canin food. while we were on move and after reaching he isjust not having it. he is only having very selective things like dog biscuit, bread (dry only not in milk). please advise as he refuse to have anything. i have tried not to give any alternative and skiped his one meal so that he feels hungry but of no use.
By sagar · 28 Mar 2012 8:09 pm


By gagan · 07 May 2012 8:40 pm
My St. bernard started behaving the same way just recently. We tried everything for over a week & then called the breeder for help. he said yor dog might be having fever, n that was it. Actually, he was having a sore throat because of which he had mild fever and had lost his apetite.
My Vet advised me to give him Aptiquik (medicine to increase apetite in pups) twice a day (5ml). Along with some antiboitics for sore throat n fever.
He has started eating again. I give him powdered Royal Canine mixed in lukewarm milk(diluted with water) + half a roti +egg yellow. Sometimes I mix it with atta bread ... Keep changing the flavour a bit, n your dog would eat it.

Also, stop giving him puppy buiscuits, sticks, treats etc for a while as they kill apetite. (I stopped them)
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By Ratnadeep Dhar · 29 Dec 2016 12:39 am
Please don't skip his meal as this will disturb his circardian rhythm instead on particular time give small meals or biscuits, never give bread as bread contains yeasts which disturbs gut flora
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