Please someone suggest a solution my Shih Tzu hair started growing they got matted?

I have a 1yr ShiTsu cross Lhasa dog who was sent to a parlour for, shampoo, grooming. His hair was also trimmed short after a month as the hair started growing they got matted and now they are severly matted. I have tried the best American herbal shampoo also tried at home to detangle and brush his hair but of no avail.Please someone suggest a solution I feel so bad for my lovely dog. Please pet owner don't send your dogs to any parlours buy the best brand at home and bathe them under personal supervision. These parlours are all frauds. exasperated owner!
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You can use detangling spray at the time of combing this will help you to detangle the hair. Please follow the link to have a look - https://
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