I have been feeding my lab pup curd and rice,Can I now start eggs and vegetables?

I have a 2 month old lab pup. Have been feeding him curd and rice 4 times a day with some royal canine . Can I now start eggs and vegetables? When can I reduce or stop curd and when can I start giving chicken (but not more than once a week since we are vegetarians)

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Hi Shruti

You can reduce the quantity of curd and feed starter mousse along with the Royal Canin food. You can also give egg whites or boiled chicken. You can also feed chicken stew (water in which chicken has been boiled).

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I have a 3 month old lab and stray crossbreed we give him chapati and curds,egg and rice but after he got sick his stools are very soft and are not becoming hard. Hes not been introduced to dog food yet. So should i stop giving him chapati and give him more rice and curds? And which dog food should i give
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