Looking for a medicine for my 2month old pug to supress her coughing gagging and urge to vomit.Please help??

I have a 2 month old pug puppy, Ollie. She is having this cough where she seems to be wanting to vomit but then doesn't. She coughs quite alot, and then gags while her abdomen keeps pumping. I feel very bad to see her so lethargic. I have been to a vet and she was kept on IV fluids for 5 days and now she has begun her oral medications. I was wondering what would be best to reduce her coughing and urge to vomit soon after meals. I would need your help soon, with certain medications. I am giving her Ondem, Digyton for now. Looking for a medicine to supress her coughing gagging and urge to vomit.

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Hi Prem

Retching and coughing could be a sign of respiratory infection. We would suggest that you take a second opinion from another vet to rule out any infection in the lungs. Please do not administer any medication to Ollie as she is very young and weak and administering any medication without doctor's consent could prove fatal for her.

We wish you good luck and we wish Ollie a speedy recovery

Team DogSpot
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