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I have 22 days old lab puppy, how much to feed him?

I have 22 days old lab puppy. how much to feed him?His mother is nt with me and difficult to get her bck?
By sunny · 30 Dec 2010 8:46 am


By Srkpriv · 03 Jan 2011 7:36 am
What are you planning on feeding him? 3 week puppy cannot eat solid food or kibble food. You need to get milk replacement and probably a bottle or tube to feed the puppy. Puppies eat frequently and they grow faster and typically eat 8 to 10% of their body weight distributed throughout the day by a 4 to 6 feedings. Since, it is a 3 week old puppy.

This website gives good information including the amount, quantity and other information that may help you.

https://www.animalsdr.com/arti cles/info/feedingorphanpuppies .html

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By Rajesh Raghupathy · 03 Jan 2011 4:47 pm
You can get puppy milk in some good pet stores. use it for a week. Cow's milk is not advisable. In case you are giving it, please dilute in 1:1 ratio with water and give. You can powder puppy food like Royal canine starter and mix it with luke warm water and feed him after one week time. Once he is able to chew on things u can feed him RC starter soaked in a luke warm water for a week. By this time he should be able to take solid food. De-worm the puppy once he is 30 days of age.
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