I have a 2.5 months old German Shepherd, keep barking towards street dog,what to do?

I have a 2.5 months old German Shepherd Dog since last 1 month. The problem I am facing is whenever I take it out for a walk it barks as soon as it sees other street dogs. I have tried to socialize it with another friend's dog and this behavior is slowly coming under control. But what about street dogs ? Today it kept barking towards street dog, it came rushing towards it at around 10 foot away it peed in front of him and ran away. I am afraid that when it gets bigger it might get into fights with street dogs.

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i had a gsd and he had the same issue the only way i felt to change him was to take a stick with me and whenever he shows his aggressive trait just show him that stick and scold him but please do that in moderation as gsd is very headstrong mentally and he takes time adjusting . but at the same time it is a incredible breed to keep just keep patience and everything will work out perfectly.
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yeah this is what we called teritorial barking where your dog is not sure about the other dog , u have mentoned street dog but it goes same with other new dogs as well , you are doing good in socializing him but the fact remains that " what if he meets dogs whom h doesnt know , what then ?" all i want to suggest you is to mak him meet more dogs often in a distance giving him an idea that its ok for other dogs to be near you ,,to do this u have to follow my steps
1. put your dog leash at his top neck region ( just like the dog show handling)
2. try maintaining a minimum distance of 10ft from the other or new dog
3. walk in a good pace with your dog looking front not the direction where the dog is but the opposite dirction
4. as soon as he looks at the dog snap him out with a sudden pull i the leash so that he sees forward
5. keep walking untill he is calm and is over that dog presence
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And any suggestions for Adult stray dogs please ? :)
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yashkant gaur
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