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Can one take legal action against the neighbour's dogs with no vaccination?

I have a 2year old Great Dane. He is very friendly and has never charged or hurt anyone. I used to walk him on my street. Few months back, a family living two houses away from mine brought home 3 dogs. All cross breeds with no legal certificates or proper vaccination reports. Whenever I take my dog for a walk now, one of their dogs jumps over their short compound wall and attacks my dog. My poor Great Dane is helpless. Even I was scratched and bruised when I tried to defend my dog. This has happened with me and my dog in 4days this week alone.The owners do not heed our request to chain it. They are not ready to do anything about this. This incident happened with two other dog owners in my area . Now,having all legal papers and vaccination reports, can I take any legal action at all. I just want to take my dog on walk but feel so scared and helpless. Please HELP ME! I live in MADURAI. -Arun and LEO(my Great Dane).

2011-05-04T23:58:35+0530 04 May 2011 11:58 pm


2011-05-05T02:04:35+0530 05 May 2011 2:04 am
At a place like India....Where tons of citizen cases r await'ng to b trialed n judged....Legal help is of no use i believe esp. related to pets....Only possibility...U can complain to the municipal corporation...Though their lethargic attitude might not help u much....

Now therz no dog that can scare off a great dane....(The elephant of dogs)....If ur neighbours dog attacks...U too can unleash or loosen ur biggie dane....I believe he wud scare off tht notorious cross breed with a growl or bark....Moreover u too can frighten tht dog with a stick or stone....Better just scare it off....No hurting....Once it recognises who the big boss is....He wont repeat the same thing....BUT ANYHOW DONT STOP EXCERCISING UR DOG!!
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2011-05-05T09:53:10+0530 05 May 2011 9:53 am
Even this incident happened to me while going walk with my lab, but in my case it was street dogs, what i did is just made friendship with those dogs by giving some biscuits/treats daily, whenever that dog comes to attack you or your leo, put some biscuits to that dog if in case biscuits doesnt work out then put some chicken/beef bones to that dog. Believe me this will definitely work out. I dont think so legal actions or municipal complaint will solve this completely as Pritham said.
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2011-05-05T22:53:03+0530 05 May 2011 10:53 pm
1.Firstly dont try what Pritam has suggested..it can be dangerous for u and ur dog especially when ur dog is friendly types.
2.Second whether it works or not is a different issue but u do ur bit of taking legal help, municipal authorities, police, animal welfare..use all options.If something goes wrong u shouldnt be blamed at a later stage.
3.It is ur responsiblity to protect ur dog.Walk with a companion for a few days so that the single dog realises that u r a pack and not alone.
4. Carry a heavy stick while on walks, u have all the right to protect urself and ur dog if the concerned authorities fail to take action.Dont hesitate to use it if attacked.
5.Think of the dog as ur baby, wife, lil bro or sister..wat wud u do if a dog or person attacked them...thats what u have to do here aswell.Will u ask them to stay indoors, will u complain to the authorities or not, will u use force if necessary or not.
6.If u are helpless even after this, put ur dog for adoption..You dont deserve him and he deserves a proper pack leader who can protect him
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By Pritam 2011-05-06T20:24:15+0530 06 May 2011 8:24 pm
3 https://www.dogspot.in/qna/have-2yr-old-great-danehe-very-friendly-never-charged-hurt
What the hell....Put him for adoption....N...That too after 2 yrs....Jst bcoz u cant walk him out in front of another dog.....I face street dogs around me alwayz while taking my rottweilers and gsd dogs for walk....Thtz so stupid an advice....If u really are a dog lover i know u wont do that....

Moreover i had already given the 2 options i.e....Tak'ng any legal help like muncipal corp. or any other bodies if it might work out.....Secondly scaring thoz another dogs is already my second option may b best if u cud use a stick or stone or any other material just to scare em' off....But being a dog lover even i dont wanna see them gett'ng hurt badly....Although a real attack on u or ur dog wudn't justify my above said statement...U should do everything possible to protect your lovely dog.
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By xceww 2011-05-07T12:34:32+0530 07 May 2011 12:34 pm
3 https://www.dogspot.in/qna/have-2yr-old-great-danehe-very-friendly-never-charged-hurt
Pritam dont try to cover ur stupidity and ignorance by commenting.You have the silly idea of letting him lose in case of an attack without thinking of the consequences.How can u even suggest something like that?At 2 years the dog has human age of around 12 years..would u ask a 12 year old human kid to do that if attacked by a dog!?!
You are dissuading him from taking legal help by ur hindi movie attitude.I am sure u urself dont have licenses or even vaccinations for ur dogs thats why u are commenting in such a way..he can get the dogs impounded by complaining to the right authorities..as both of them are legal requirements.
Read my comments carefully and dont jump to conclusions.Have listed many options and incase he is still helpless he doesnt deserve to keep a dog and the dog is betteroff by being put for adoption rather than either having no walks or being attacked or killed by another dog.
It is his responsibility to protect him in everyway and if he cant use any of the other options..he shouldn't have bought the dog and he shouldnt keep the dog!!
Raises doubts whether you to care for ur dog or not!!!
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By Arun Kumar 2011-05-07T18:22:15+0530 07 May 2011 6:22 pm
3 https://www.dogspot.in/qna/have-2yr-old-great-danehe-very-friendly-never-charged-hurt
thanks fer ur help guys...have warned that owner severly...decided to give him one last chance.if it happens again,i will defend my dog and take legal action..and pritam,don u think u r too harsh..i was just askin fer help man.doesn mean i cannot take care of him.and STOP telling me to give him up.
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By Pritam 2011-05-07T19:37:59+0530 07 May 2011 7:37 pm
3 https://www.dogspot.in/qna/have-2yr-old-great-danehe-very-friendly-never-charged-hurt
@ Arun....Bro.....Read the comments again....I'm the one whoz completely against putting ur dog for adoption....Watever may b the reason....U hv cared for it for 2 precious yrs....I'm d@mn sure....U gonna do it in future too....Coz otherwise u wudn't hv taken any intersest in posting ur problem here.....I also hv given u 2 options....Though i dont really believe much in the first one.....PROTECT UR DOG WATEVER IT TAKES!!
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By Pritam 2011-05-08T04:53:03+0530 08 May 2011 4:53 am
3 https://www.dogspot.in/qna/have-2yr-old-great-danehe-very-friendly-never-charged-hurt
Now comes puthran----Hold on dude.....Wht i meant was if he's even just a bit aggresive towards thoz other dogs....Lett'ng his dane go one step ahead of him....Making him bark once will do the job....Jst scare off the other dog may b he himself can do that wid stones or sticks or with the help of his dog...If thtz possible....I never meant to let him go free ....U must b kidd'ng if u thought so....Thtz tells how novice u r as an owner...Even a prsn just having a dog wud knw tht...I REPEAT CLEARLY AGAIN FOR U....JST MEANT TO LOOSEN THE LEASH A BIT IF HIS DANE CUD SCARE THE OTHER DOGS!!

Hindi movie attitude...Hell u might b watch'ng thoz craps....I dont hv time for thoz....Just go and complain to the govt or muncipality ....Let me know in what time did they took action....U mean that till that time....He should not work out n excercise his dog coz of thoz attacking dogs....Huh....COOL IDEA....**Bullshytt**.....But still then i gave him the option....Though i personally wudn't depend on it much.

I hv never lost a dog....Hv 15yrs of having stud dogs.....Won shows etc....So u better not comment on my caring for my beloved dogs....Esp. when i'm not a prsn like u ...who thinks of letting his dogs out for adoption just because hes not able to handle some other attacking dogs and that too after a long 2 years....D@mn gud u sound Mr. PUTHRAN!!
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By Pritam 2011-05-08T04:57:56+0530 08 May 2011 4:57 am
3 https://www.dogspot.in/qna/have-2yr-old-great-danehe-very-friendly-never-charged-hurt
Haha....Read ur comments again Mr. puthran....U say u care 4 ur dogs like ur wife n kids......N.....still the idea of letting ur dog off for adoption comes to ur mind....Grow up man......How many times hv u let off ur wife n kidz for adoption??.....HUH!!
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By xceww 2011-05-10T12:31:45+0530 10 May 2011 12:31 pm
3 https://www.dogspot.in/qna/have-2yr-old-great-danehe-very-friendly-never-charged-hurt
Am writing a Joke book about ur suggestions pritam..
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By Pritam 2011-05-10T23:40:43+0530 10 May 2011 11:40 pm
3 https://www.dogspot.in/qna/have-2yr-old-great-danehe-very-friendly-never-charged-hurt
Ohhh...plzz....I can make a hell movie out of urs dude....So no point arguing.
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