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I have a 2yrs old German Spitz female dog she is suffering from skin disease,help?

I have a 2yrs old German Spitz female dog she is suffering from skin disease for last 5months. Regularly i go to the vets and they suggested some medicine & antibiotics for 5/6 days after take these medicines she get cured but then after 20/25 days she suffered from these disease again she have some red sports and something like white pimples in all over her body. She scratches & bites all over her body and due to these problems her hair is not growing. Vets told me its due to more Protein. Everyday i feed her roti, milk, green vegetables & pedigree so kindly suggest me what will i do for her complete cure. I am very much worried about this.
By Suchismita Dash · 23 Jan 2013 1:38 pm


By Adnan A Khan · 25 Oct 2014 1:03 am
I think it could be the roti and milk as both these items are intolerable to most dogs and cats. Convert to dry kibble completely, based on advice from vet or nutritionist.
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By Zulfikar Ali · Dog Care · 30 Oct 2013 3:00 am ·
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By Vishal Sarathe · · 03 Oct 2012 4:26 pm ·
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By Prashant23 · Preventive medicine · 29 Mar 2012 8:45 pm ·
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By pritammehta · Diseases · 20 Dec 2011 1:00 pm ·
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By Gyanendra Singh · General · 07 Jun 2011 2:47 am ·
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By jitender pal singh · Deworming · 07 Feb 2011 3:52 pm ·
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By Tapeshwar · Preventive medicine · 11 Sep 2008 4:03 pm ·

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