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What should be a good diet for three month old Beagle? |

I have a 3 months old beagle and is very playful and active. But being his second owners I cant understand his food requirement. The first owner told me that he likes eggs,milk and bread but he consumed none of the above ever since he is with us. Initially he ate Royal Canin but after 2 days stop consuming it. He loves chicken but is it safe to feed him chicken everyday? If yes what should I give him in other two meals. He has now started taking Royal Canin again but for how ling i don't know. Can someone suggest me a diet. For beagle keeping in mind his digestive system and Indian food?

By Shruti Nayyar · 29 May 2014 3:30 pm


By Navjot Singh · 06 Jun 2014 2:02 pm
Hi, please confirm if your dog is being regularly dewormed. You should never feed "Milk" to dogs because dogs are " Lactose Intolerant" - meaning they cannot digest milk enzymes. Instead of milk, you can feed buttermilk or curd which is very good for their stomach in summers.
You can certainly feed chicken daily to your dog in summers. Makse sure you feed chicken breast not bones. Chicken breast is nothing but muscles and is very rich in protein.
As far as Commercial food is concerned, you can feed the combination of both. You can feed RC in the morning and Home-food in the evening. Apart from chicken, you can feed Butter-milk, curd, roti, bread, vegtables ( without spices ), paneer, eggs, to your dog.
Please make sure your dog is free from parasites like ticks/flees. After consulting your Vet, you can also give him tick-fever vaccination.
Make sure your dog is given fair amount of exercise through short walks, play sessions inside home. This will keep him busy and tired.
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