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I have 3 months old Neapolitan Mastiff male plz suggest me how i start to train him?

i have 3 months old neapolitan mastiff male pup plz suggest me how i start to train him so that i can adjust in my family and in future can"t hurt anyone in the my house what i have to feed him for better his good health now is m giving him pedigree will i start giving meat and dog can become aggressive after feeding them meat
By Aryan · 05 Sep 2010 7:47 am


By Dinkar Singh · 05 Sep 2010 9:57 am
The main problem I find with meat is that a bad breath can develop and more important if it is not cooked properly, it can cause health issues.

I suggest you feed a good dog food. RC or Eukanoba based on the age of the dog and breed u get various types and also follow the feeding guide written on the pack.

Its good u are already thinking of bringing up ur dog properly. There is so much but will try to be very brief. Rest search the net specially the breed club website.

What u need to do is start socialising ur dog immediately. There is enough info on the net on it. In short it is getting ur dog/ pup used to different situations. Also as a pup he should have good experiences, specially with people coming to visit u. No rough handling plus he should always associate a stranger as a friend. Any new person coming can give a titi bit etc. You must start training ur dog in basic obedience also and do it ur self. Do not spoil ur dog or let him sleep in ur bedroom or sit on ur bed furniture etc. ur pup shud be at the bottom level in the pecking order of the family and that is hw it shud be always kept. It shud be made to listen to all the family members and if possible they all shud take part in the training. No agression shud be tolerated nor shud u ever try to make ur dog aggressive. Guarding comes naturally to these dogs. They also shud not be possessive abt their toys or food etc. train frm an early age for the pup to give when told too.

Avoid hitting the dog and reward the pup when he does a good thing and ignore and scold it when in the wrong.

All The Best !!
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By Gopal Krishna · 06 Sep 2010 9:57 am
Dinkar Sir Has already told everything...
Try formal commands... like sit, down, stay... before giving food, and before taking your dog to a walk... No command is very effective for a puppy and they learn very quickly... search this forum or on google you will find very good articles... Raise you puppy well :) Good Luck
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