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Please let me know what can i do to make him accept her?

I have a 3 year old male pug(Tin Tin),last week I have got another female pug(Honey) basically for his company ,she is 2 months old.Its been a week and my male pug is still not friendly towards her,infact he ignores her completely.She is very active and playful and goes up to him all the time ,but either he climbs the sofa ,etc so she cant reach him.Please let me know what can i do to make him accept her.Every one in my family are also giving him a lot more love and attention ,so as not to make him jealous ,but it does not seem to be working. Please help
By RICHA SHARMA · 07 Mar 2010 2:05 am


By Dinkar Singh · 08 Mar 2010 10:29 am
You are doing the right thing by giving attention and fussing over the older pug, so that he does not feel ignored or not loved as before. As for the female pup, it will take time for them to get together etc. Keep in mind that the pup will be at a annoying stage, biting and chewing as it will be teething. Generally older dogs do not like small pups due to this habit, but as the pup grows, they will play togethers and stay together. Do not force your older one to play etc with the new one. It will take time and all will be fine.
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