Labs love water but is it going to be harmful for his coat / skin ?

I have a 4 1/2 mth LAB and I feed him Venkys's best in show once a day which is poultry based .Other two meals are home cooked comprising ragi chappatis and milk/curd.I give him one multivitamin (pet tab)and caldipet daily.Am I giving him more calcium than required We live in a penthouse with Marble flooring but my terrace has stone flooring. He likes to play around the house (even on the marble floor)Should I make sure that he runs only on the stone floor. Apart from that he likes to get wet at any given opportunity.He loves sitting in the bird bath when no ones watching and likes to wash his paws in bucket full of water.I know labs love water but is it going to be harmful for his coat / skin ? Pls advice thanks
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Prefer stone floor than marble floor.Because he wont get the natural grip on marble floors,so he has to adjust his walking which leads to cross leg walking(ur lab's front legs will go cross while making a step).So,even if u provide with all calcium tabs ,better option is stone floor.
No way..water cant harm labs coat..even my lab loves to play in water nothing happend to him.U can make him play in water after making sure that its a clean water.
Wat's the name of ur lab?
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2011-11-11T14:51:15+0530 11 Nov 2011 2:51 pm
Thanks for the advice.His name is MAX.
Regarding the diet , is it ok or calcium amount should be reduced
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