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Can i take my dog for travel in trains?

Hi.. I have a 4 month old male pug puppy. Im in bangalore and have frequent visits to Chennai. I usually travel by Shatabdi express or Lalbagh. Is there way to take my pug along with me?? I dont wanna leave my dog in dogvan or somehing.. any ideas plz..
By Jayanthi Rahul · 30 Jul 2011 5:53 pm


By Ritwik · 09 Sep 2015 2:52 pm
yes, you can. please follow the link to read a article to know about travelling in train with your dog - https://www.dogspot.in/travel- your-dog-indian-railways/
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By santhosh raj · 26 Feb 2016 2:37 pm
traveler can bring pet pooch alongside him in AC First Class or First Class just, gave he/she saves either a two billet or a four compartment solely for his/her utilization, paying the due charges relying on the sort of train. Passengers going in different classes are not allowed to convey the canine alongside them. Yet, the canine can be reserved and conveyed in the Luggage/Brake Van paying the charges relying on the kind of train. Passengers might contact the Parcel Office to book their pet canines. Passengers identified conveying mutts unbooked will be charged according to surviving tenets. Dogs when conveyed in the break-van and/or A.C.C. furthermore, five star traveler compartments will be charged for at Scale 'L'(luggage Rates)on the premise of weights demonstrated beneath, subject to a base charge of Rs.10/ - per canine,charges being Prepaid:- When conveyed in break van (Dog-Box) 30 kg When conveyed in travelers compartments 60 kgs. Seeing Eye" canine going with a visually impaired individual in the compartment (First class) will, notwithstanding, be charged the same tax concerning puppies conveyed in brake_van. The canines must be given Collars and Chains. My name is santhosh I'm working https://kochitaxicabs.wordpres s.com/ I think my answers is helpful you.
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yashkant gaur
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