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I have a 4 mth old shih tzu pup and I am fed up of getting him to potty train, help?

I have a 4 mth old shih tzu pup and I am fed up of getting him to potty train, I have tried all kinds of methods like picking him up and locking him up in the bathroom every time he has his meals but he cries and cries and when i let him out he promptly potties in the hall. Its so embarassing I have another dog six yr old cross pekinese but he got trained on within a week. Is it too late to potty train him.
By meena · 16 Jul 2011 5:34 pm


By durabull kennel · 19 Jul 2011 5:39 pm
u can train him by taking two cages...one in which he lives and one for potty training ,after giving him food shift him from his usual cage to potty cage ,in the tray put come news paper pieces which has got smell of his last potty...leave him for some time as soon as he get his potty done remove him and apreciat him..dont remove onless he is finished....let him bark or cry.......try for 2-5 days he will associate the cage with his potty habits and will go to the cage if all things go well.........best of luck
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