How to stop my hyperactive dog fron biting hands?

Hi I have a 4month old male pug puppy. He is hyper active all the time. Every time we let him out of the crate he keeps biting us. How tostop him form biting our hands? Have tried saying NO in growling voice, have left the place whenevr he bites, yet he continues doing the same. How to stop him form doing this?
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2011-07-30T18:52:34+0530 30 Jul 2011 6:52 pm
hey i m not an expert but had suffered from the same problem usually at this they are hyper active but will improve with time what i did with my dog was i use to roll the newspaper and hit him in his head saying "no" it will not hurt him if he continues bitting you you keep hitting in his head saying no he will learn slowly that he dont have to do that.
Now i dealt with the hyper activeness by taking him out for long . . I also use to take him with me for my morning walks . .
Both these things worked . . Wish you luck.
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2011-07-30T21:56:30+0530 30 Jul 2011 9:56 pm
Yeah Thanks! I take him out for morning, noon & evening walks too! yet he runs around n plays with me biting my hands.. newspaper things sounds good! shall try it out
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2011-07-30T22:10:10+0530 30 Jul 2011 10:10 pm
Hi, there's no formula by which your puppy will stop biting completely!! Teething puppy tend to take things into their mouth to soothe their aching teeth. This is completely normal. However, though training puppy can atleast be taught that it's better to use their sharp teeth on chewable toys than human skin. Leaving the puppy as it starts biting is a good practise and you must continue it. The puppy will understand the outcome of his bitting is bad---leading to the lost of his favorite mate!! Don't keep him on crate, take him out play with him. always keep chewable toys around him.
How much have you trained your puppy? Does he know basic commands? Does he know to give his paws? can he retrieve things and bring them back at your foot??
The best way to stop the puppy from biting is to teach him to do other things. A mentally stimulated puppy won't bite anyone.
Don't use newspaper to intemidate him. Showing newspaper will prove counter productive and it'll breed another face of puppy behaviour---aggression.
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By Jayanthi Rahul 2011-07-30T22:29:15+0530 30 Jul 2011 10:29 pm
The problem in me leaving the place when he bites is... HE FOLLOWS ME EVERYWHERE.. so he doesnt even realise that im leaving him!!!! and yeah.. have trained him to sit and stay.. but he obeys the commands ONLy when he feels like.. never obeys when he's in playful mood... may be i should wait for him to grow up!
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By Navjot Singh 2011-07-31T11:09:40+0530 31 Jul 2011 11:09 am
Keep him on a leash. Play with him and the moment he tries to bite leave him and then come back after 2 minutes or so. Just get out of the scene for that time. Go back to him and start playing again. Do this regularly. Keep playing with him if he doesn't bite. Lesson-The message you are conveying to the dog is--Biting results to a negative outcome which is- stopping the play and your leaving the premises. He will eventually understand this. You need to be very patient and continue.
You can buy him a kong toy. It's an excellent behaviour therapy for dogs. Check the website-https://
Do you use treats in training? I'm sure no. Puppies have to be motivated to do good things which latter turn into a habbit. Encourage him to follow your command and if he does follow it reward him. You can also use clicker in training. Check youtube videos to know how to use it.
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By Jayanthi Rahul 2011-07-31T13:02:03+0530 31 Jul 2011 1:02 pm
Yeah Thanks a lott!!! I use treats and shall try out ur suggestion!!
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