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I have been deworming my Lab once a month with 2.5ml of the deworming medicine,Is this ok?

I have a 4mth Lab and I have been deworming him once a month with 2.5ml of the deworming medicine.Is this ok as he seems to try to eat whatever he can especially when he is on a walk . Also , I watch Caeser Milans shows and he says that when the dog goes for a walk he shud either walk with u or behind you to let him know who is in charge I use a choke caller which becomes tight if my dog pulls but he is always trying to drag me...I wonder how I will train him to walk the walk coz when he grows huge it will be a sight when he starts dragging !!
By Anita · 05 Nov 2011 2:22 pm


By Navjot Singh · 05 Nov 2011 9:26 pm
Caeser Milan shows are for problematic dogs. Pulling during the walk is a natural tendency and you need to start the leash training right away. A puppy when out for walk witnesses a completely new world and he'll explore that world by sniffing here and there. During this time, he may not listen to your commands or may pull the leash which is very natural. Here is when leash training come into the picture. This habbit usually go with time but it's important for you to lay the foundation by training him how to walk gently when out for walk.
Why do you have to use choke chain? Punishing the dog often tend to become counter-productive. Positive reinforcement is the best way to training the dog. Check out youtube for training material.If you fail to get then let me know.
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By Rahul Bhardwaj · 06 Nov 2011 5:35 pm
i think you should try to increase the amount of deworming medicine by 7ml(once in a month) and moreover give him calcium medicines for dogs.Your dog might have been doing so as because of deficiency of calcium.try this i am sure it will work..
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By Ramachandran Subramanian · 07 Nov 2011 9:15 pm
As navjot said Do not follow Caesar Milan, it is good for a TV show and not for real life. The dog pulls because you move when he pulls. So he has learnt that he needs to pull you along.

When my dogs pull I will come to an immediate stop. No matter how long it takes, I will stand there like a statue till the dog releases the tension on the leash, at that instant I will praise and move forward. The moment he pulls again, I will stop. This will be a very painful experience for the first week or so, but the dog will learn that pulling this leash will make me stop.

This is the old way of teaching the dog and very inefficient. The scientific way is marker method. Please google marker training.
You can also visit my website www.youtube.com/user/rrnsss to see 100s of how to training videos including loose leash walking.

Here is how I train my loose leash walking

https://www.youtube.com/watch? v =rbSyiGYKsAQ
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By D.chakrabarty · 13 Nov 2011 10:34 am
what i did to my gsd was, before taking him out for walk, i played with him in the terrace for about 30 mins and he was exhausted, then i took him for a walk. he was too tired to pull. this continued and i took him out everyday. gradually, the play time decreased and walking time increased, now he is very well behaved and after about 6 months he does a proper heel and is very obedient.
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