I have 50 days old boxer bitch,how to train her and wht can i give her to eat?

hi .i have 50 days old boxer bitch.how to train her nd wht can i gv her to eat.please help me..
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give her milk mixed with water and curd for 10 - 15 days. then u can give her some roti......if u want to give commercial food then u can give royal canin.
for training----------start with basic command like sit,stay,come. but start training after 4 months
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2012-03-03T14:43:09+0530 03 Mar 2012 2:43 pm
at young age give royal canine or any other good dog food and then slowly change to one time RC and home meal from 8 months...or else it will impact growth.

see u tube for potty training videos which is imp at this stage...from 3-4 months engage trainer if needed

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