I have a 57 day old labrador who wouldn't stop biting me or my mum.

I have read about teething process but my labrador biting is too much. Now as his teeth grows some bites draws blood. He has a variety of chew toys but he still goes for us. I tried many things . He is too disobedient. P.s he is chewing my pants as I types this

2015-04-21T09:20:23+0530 21 Apr 2015 9:20 am


2015-04-22T12:15:20+0530 22 Apr 2015 12:15 pm
Hi Mahima

For a 57 day old Labrador Pup one of the main concerns is teething. The new teeth cause a lot of irritation in the gums and as a result they prefer to chew or bite things. If your pup is not interested in chew toy, you may want to include squeaky toys or plush soft toys in the toy collection. Secondly, this is the ideal time to start training your pup. You will have to reinforce that biting you or your mum is not acceptable by saying a firm NO and withdrawing or stopping play time with your pup the moment he starts biting. You can also apply a little peanut butter on the toy so that he stops biting and stays interested in the toy only.

Hope this help!

Team DogSpot
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2015-05-06T02:20:40+0530 06 May 2015 2:20 am
my puppy (LAB) had the same issue till she was 8MONTHS, chewing furniture, remotes, biting so hard tht it would draw blood. My arms and legs had these marks tht people would ask me if i was being assaulted at home... :P SHE WOULD LITERALLY PUNCTURE MY FLESH.
Try to say no...i would punish my puppy for five to ten minutes by putting a muzzle on , the one which is made of nylon and open in the front so that the can stick out their tongues and pant.
Make sure that you don't beat them or be aggressive as they become more stubborn , also the muzzle shouldn't be too tight .
link to the muzzle
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