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I have 58 days Labrador, suggest me food, biscuits and toys?

I have 58 days Labrador named bravo, no dog accessory shop is situated where i have posted for job, by last 2 to 3 days bravo started to bite while playing with me, he is no longer interested with 1 toys, he needs every day new toys....we give him Royal Canin(maxi. starter mother& baby dog weight from 26 to 44 kg)once in a day and another 4 times curd rice, paneer water, curd with water or curd bread. bravo chew grass & flower plant & also wants to take soil....Is it healthy to chew grass/plant or can we go for muzzles. kindly suggest me for his food, biscuits and toys.
By Raghav Kumar · 17 Apr 2014 11:24 am


By Adnan Khan · 06 Oct 2014 8:29 pm
All this seems like normal puppy behaviour. Give it time, biting shall pass.

It is not healthy to eat soil but he needs to be told with a firm NO!

Food: https://www.dogspot.in/labrado r-junior-12-kg/

Toy: https://www.dogspot.in/puppy-t eething-stic-m/

Good luck!

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