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Can anyone suggest a good punctual n experienced trainer for my puppy in mumbai?

I have a 5mth old male lab puppy in mumbai. I started his training when he was 4mths old but haven't seen any changes or any obedience in him after 1mth of training. Even the trainer is not punctual. I am wasting my Puppy's training age along with money. Can anyone suggest a good punctual n experienced trainer for my puppy in mumbai (virar).
By Roger · 18 Nov 2010 6:04 pm


By Swaminathan Ravi · 18 Nov 2010 6:17 pm
The best trainer for your puppy is you! Because he knows you are his master and he loves you he will do things just to please you and not just for treats which the trainer will give him. That makes it twice the chance that he will listen to you happily and willingly. Go to any bookstore and pick up a book on Obedience Training for dogs and you're good to go. Don't worry puppies can be trained as late as 9 months even. Start now and be surprised at how well he responds to you.
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By Hemanshu · 19 Nov 2010 1:07 pm
I would agree with Swami - You should train your pup yourself, that would help to bond you and your puppy. There are many video's on YouTube if you want to refer, there is no point going for trainer, yes you are wasting your money.
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By Mark D\'Costa · 23 Nov 2010 8:05 pm
I beg to differ from Ravi and Hemanshu's views. I'm a certified Dog Trainer and Dog behaviour Counsellor. The so called "self made - Dog Trainers" who do not know how to train a dog as they are still used to the punishment methods should be the ones to be avoided. There is a more better and solid method of positive reinforcement and reward based training. Choose a Dog Trainer who will involve you in the training sessions, becuse if he does not involve you in the sessions, chances are that your dog will listen only to him and not listen to you. I do have some friends ( trainers in B'bay) should you be interested pls let me know by dropping me a mail on superdogztrainer@gmail.com When mailing pls give me a brief description of the sessions conducted so far and if you were involved in the training and your cell no. so if required I can pass it on to my friends. They will be more than happy to assist you.
Thanks, Mark
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By Swaminathan Ravi · 23 Nov 2010 9:47 pm
I have no doubts about your credibility Mark and i appreciate you trying to help him out with the puppy. However Im more than aware about the disadvantages of punishment and harsh training and am not advising Roger to make an uneducated guess and try to train his dog. I do believe that every dog owner should be knowledgeable about dog behaviour and training and SHOULD read books written by experienced and successful trainers and get advice from experienced owners before trying anything. Please don't get me wrong when I suggest him to train his dog himself. Im sorry that what I wrote was misunderstood and I should have been more specific. Thanks for pointing that out. Regards
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By sindhoor · 02 Apr 2011 1:08 pm
Your puppy is still a little fellow and there are many reasons why he has not been able to pick up what you have been trying to train him. If you are more specific on what you have tried to teach him, I can perhaps suggest a few techniques that will help you with your training.
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