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I have 6 month German Spitz. How many times a day should he eat?

I have a 6 month German Spitz. How many times a day should he eat? I dont trust packaged commercial food. What can I feed him from my own kitchen?
By GAYATRI · 26 Dec 2011 6:50 pm


By Navjot Singh · 26 Dec 2011 7:59 pm
4 times till the age of 13th month old is recommended. Feeding home-cooked food is the best you can offer to your pet. It's freshly cooked and perservative free. You can feed different things to your dog like boiled eggs, boiled-boneless chicken mixed with little rice, yogurd (dahi ), etc. Apart from that, you can feed any seasonal vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms, greenbeans, etc. While cooking these you can simply reserve some for your dog, making sure you don't add salt and spices, which are bad for dogs. Interestlingly, unlike humans, dogs can identify food very little on the basis of tastes- sweet, sour, bitter. It's the smell of food that attacts your dog towards the meal, taste is just a secondary matter. Home-cooked food has a kind of fresh aroma which attracts our pets more than food dumped into packets with overwealming quantity of perservatives. Most dogs simply refuse or have reluctantly processed food after the first or second day, the reason is the packed food has the same standard smell of chicken which they get used to if feed regularly. So feed freshly cooked home meal which is healthier, safe and cheaper. I'd suggest you to, however, feed a good supplement which can meet any nutritional deficiency in your puppy.
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By Navjot Singh · 26 Dec 2011 8:23 pm
Also, there's a popular myth among us that we should feed milk to puppies. Dog pups are dog pups and human babies are human babies. Dogs don't have the enzymes to digest lactose- a kind of sugar found in milk. So they may not be able to digest or digest in difficulty milk. https://www.dogfoodadvisor.com /dog-feeding-tips/dogs-milk-da iry-products/
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By GAYATRI · 29 Dec 2011 9:03 pm
Thanks Navjot. Cookie really seems to like home cooked food. My good wishes to you and your dog!!
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