Is it the right time to allow a 6 month old puppy to be free?

I have a 6 month old Rottweiler and I am planning to keep him freely in the backyard but everytime I decide to do so he digs up all the mud and ends up destroying everything in the backyard. Is it the right time to allow him to be free or should I just keep him in a crate?
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Leaving a dog alone in the backyard is not recommended, give him access to your house and family member else you rotty will be frustrated and wild. anyway there could be two reason for this either your rotty is not liking the separation or he is not properly exercised.
Best way to make him comfortable with backyard is doing it slowly. start with 15 min and then raise the time bar. Also, give your dog access to you house. Rotty are very family loving dog and loves to be around people. Give you dog freedom and time.
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· 2011-06-17T21:29:23+0530 17 Jun 2011 9:29 pm
it is the right time to get it trained....
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He could be digging to keep cool. Does he have shade or somewhere to go to stay cool?
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