My lab puppy is humping over the back of german shepard, why?

I have 6 months old female lab puppy and my friend is having 13 months old female german shepard when we take them for walk ! my lab puppy is humping over the back of german shepard !! may i know why she is doing this and how can we avoid this ?
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Actually it is a canine (Dog) behaviour. Actually your female lab is not trying to mate with female GSD. Your lab female lab is trying to dominate the female GSD. You can avoid this this by saying a simple word "NO" in a dominating way, when ever she do it. You have to show her that yoou are quite angry on what she is doing. Naturally labs don't show domination, but exceptions are there.
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Most of the puppy humping that goes on between pups is play. It can also be your puppy showing its dominance and or natural sexual behavior. Some puppies do become quite focused and some what obsessed with humping.Obviously this is something you want your puppy to avoid. Not purely due to the embarrassment from humping a human and the irritation it can physically cause, but your dog humping another dog can result in the dog that is being humped feeling threatened and can react aggressively.

As far as eliminating this behavior it is important not to punish your pup but rather to distract them when they start humping. Find their favorite toy and get their attention and by consistently interrupting this behavior it is less likely to become a habit. The last thing you want to do is praise the behavior.

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