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Please let me know how do i train my 6 months old St. Bernard?

Hi, I have an 6 months old St. Bernard. He doesnt like to walk to much on the road, as soon as he finishes is poop business he wants to go home, how do i make him to walk.. i even tried getting the dog treat with my hand & giving him to walk for few steps.. but it did not work.. Please let me know how do i train him.. And he is scared of noice..
By Mahendran · 22 Dec 2010 9:01 pm


By Gopal Krishna · 25 Dec 2010 9:47 pm
Hi Mahendran
Walking is a mental and physical exercise. I guess you have not give your dog total exposure to environment at early stage. As you already know your dog is scared. You have to build up his courage and also faith in you. he walks home because he just want to avoid the situation. Treat will not work in your case because he is totally tensed with the environment.
you have to be patient and do basic first.

take you dog to road and stand there dont let you dog move if he scared of noise let him face his fear and keep looking in his eyes with confidence and let him believe that nothing bad going to happen. as soon he settle down praise him with your energetic voice and patting his head neck and muzzle. it will take only 3-4 days to settle down with the noise and then start walking. be confident and strong make him believe that he has to do it and you are with him to support him. he will be fine in no time. :)

Have fun
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