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Dog stay alone for long hours. Will it effect his behavior towards unknown?

I have 60 days Lab puppy in our house, She is all alone for 8hrs in the house (although we keep enough food until evening) since me and my wife are working. So, I want to know whether it is an problem for the dog because she gets hyperactive whenever she seems some stranger or someone comes to our house. Does, is because she is all alone in the house is getting her to behave like this. ... Please let us know ...
By Ashish Malik · 22 Apr 2011 3:31 pm


By chollen · 22 Apr 2011 4:34 pm
first he is only 2months old that might be the case plus labrador usually are very freindly.... dnt worry it is not a big issue. my lab does the same.she is 7 months old
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By Amitava Mukherjee · 22 Apr 2011 7:52 pm
Hope you spend quality time while you are at home. Labs are gundogs so after 4 months take her for walks and give her hell lot of exercise when u are with her.
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By xceww · 23 Apr 2011 12:28 pm
Am surprised at Chollens answer and i strongly disagree.It is a big issue and you are all set on ruining her life.
1. Dogs are not supposed to be brought up that ways, you have made a mistake by getting her.
2.You will have to either make serious changes or think of putting her up for adoption before you cause permanent damage and then no one will even adopt her.
3.What is her walk and playtime schedule..and does she even have one?
4.Have you found the time to socialise her..which is getting her used to people, sounds, sights.If you don't do it now you will have a unmanageable dog on your hands.And she is already showing the signs.Remember that a grown dog will be exactly how it is when a puppy just weigh more, stronger and sharper teeths.So she will grow up to be hyper active, uncomfy and maybe even aggressive when she grows up if you dont correct things now.
5.Dogs are social animals, they like to be part of a pack..or families, leaving her alone for 8 hours is not the way to bring up a puppy.Is it only 8 hours, cause nowadays 8 -9 hours work + travel time+early morning rush to get to work+ come home and then too tired or stressed to take her for walks or play...
6.Food and water is not the only requirement of a 2 month old puppy.

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By Ashish Malik · 25 Apr 2011 5:23 pm
At this moment, we have just started talking her out for evening walk (twice in week at max) not bcz of less er time we have but we think, it might be quite early for her, as she is 2-3 months old only.
Its only about 8-9hrs she is alone. Now a day’s our parents are there with her, but not very fond of playing with her. They will be there with us for next couple of months, so practically she is not all alone for next few months unattended.
Is it will be good idea to take her down (as she is only 3 month old) to play with kids in our building, so that she gets more activates to do so.
Pls do lets us know and lastly thanx to collen and amitava for your inputs as well.
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By xceww · 25 Apr 2011 7:28 pm
1.Walks doesnt necessarily mean an exercise walk on leash and you shouldnt leash her at such young age. Its just some time in the open space, off leash playing, to be able to run freely.And even a 1 month old puppy should get to do that. So yes you should take her out, dont compel her to walk by leashing her etc.
2.Playtime with kids is a good idea, but under supervision.Also be aware of stray dogs if any.
3.Also get her used to the idea of people coming over to your place.
4.About 8-9 hours alone, consider a 2 month old baby.will you leave her alone and go to work without supervision.The way to calculate is on an average multiply dog years * 6.So will you leave your 1 year old kid alone home without supervision.
5. What about after a few months when ur parents leave?Think long term.
6.Puppy proof your home, google it..mant pups lose their life due to swallowing or eating things around like keys etc.
7.You also need to potty train her now, if she pees and poops in your home when u are at work after a few months u will urself think of getting rid of her.
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