My Rottweiler has distorted front foot and my doctor recommend to use Beapher Kalk and pet joint?

I have 6 months old male Rottweiler weighs 26 kgs. It have distorted front foot and my doctor recommend to use beapher calicum and pet joint but now its one of back leg have twit walk how can i treat it professial please help me
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· 2012-08-12T14:31:12+0530 12 Aug 2012 2:31 pm
Your dog is overweight. Does he play on slippery floor. Try not to let him run on the slippery surface. Please get his hind legs x-rayed as Rottweiler are prone to hips dyspepsia. Early treatment can help your dog overcome this problem.
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· 2013-07-12T05:09:33+0530 12 Jul 2013 5:09 am
Do give beaphar hip and joint suppliment, beapher hd joint management tablets and salmon oil suppliment. my dog had severe problem and after giving these, its almost fine now. good luck
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