Can someone suggest me good dog trainers?

I have a 7 month old lab male pup, seems like he's out of control and i have nw decided to train him im from HYDERABAD can someone suggest good trainers....plzzzzzz
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What exactly do you mean out of control, plus where do you live in an apartment or house and what about the pup is he kept tied up or locked up etc.

Labs need exercise and something to keep them occupied mentally like most dogs. Training should have started when he was younger, but he is still a puppy and there is no problem. Basic obedience is a must for all dogs.
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· 2010-04-23T08:52:36+0530 23 Apr 2010 8:52 am
It is also advisable to do basic training ur self with the dog to get a better bonding with him.
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· 2010-04-26T07:00:39+0530 26 Apr 2010 7:00 am
Commando Kennels are th best, but however if you want the trainer to come down to your place & train the pup then let me pass on a few contacts - Santosh (Tukuram Gate) - 9394005886 or Salman -9502034417. Give my ref as Kamal from Koti has passed on these details. Keep me posted.
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