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Can you suggest me any other foods to feed my dog?

I have Seven month old male fawn Labrador. I feed him with drools in morning, curd rice and egg in afternoon and roti and chicken(boiled) in night. When he was small he used to come running for food now when he sees food he runs away..he eats drools normally , but for curd rice and chicken an roti we force him and then he eats . He loves eating what we eat like vegetables mixed in sabji or the bone of chicken which we eat in gravy. I showed him to my vet and he said he's normal and just moody. Can you suggest me any other foods to feed him(Dexter). I guess he's bored with the same monotonous food
By Keertana Rao · 14 Oct 2013 11:44 am


By Ansh Adlakha · 16 Oct 2013 5:02 pm
Hi, First of all its a myth that dogs get bored with the same food again and again. You feed him a balanced diet and he will happily eat it for the rest of his life day after day all his life span. Secondly, please dont mix an egg with curd at the same time, it will upset your puppy's stomatch and lever in the long run. Feed mashed boiled eggs separately and curd and rice separately with a time difference of atleast an hour. Thirdly Switch the first and the third diet, i;e Instead of Roti and Chicken Feed Boiled Rice & Chicken in the Morning & Commercial Dog Food in the Evening. Dogs grow at their maximum when they sleep and night hours are the longest period when they sleep so commercial food should be served in the evening as its contributes to a better and faster growth atleast till 12 months. Lastly never feed your dog from the table of from what we eat like sabji. Dogs are not ment to eat human food, you may only give him boiled veges or fruits like Banana, Apple without seeds or a cucumber as a snack, also dont feed bones to your dog, it may hurt or tear the intestine internally and upset the stomach. I would also like you to add Calcium and Vitamin Supplements to his diet till the age of 12 months in the non commercial food diet. I also have a 20 month old Labrador and he loves eating Boiled Rice and Chicken (without bones), and he never gets bored of eating it. Try it and let me know. Good Luck !!
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By Taylor · 24 Oct 2014 5:59 am
Never feed cooked bones to your dog. He is not a dustib that you throw the bones after you finish eating the meat.
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By Taylor · 24 Oct 2014 5:59 am
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