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My 7 months old boxer, suffering from mites /Mange, scaly dry skin, hair fal. Please advice??

Hi , I have a 7 months old boxer, suffering from mites /Mange , scaly dry skin , hair fall, hes on treatment but not satisfied every week he is given a shot, i have tried coconut oil n neem oil massage a bit relief, his diet mostly veg , chicken n rice, oats n milk, yogurt fresh cooked food daily, hes de-wormed, Please advice. Thnks n Rgds .

By RoSe · 05 Jan 2015 10:48 am


By Anant Singhal · 08 Jan 2015 7:40 pm
Try Sancoat, it has essential oils to keep their skin and fur healthy. Helped my 4 month old german shepherd a lot.
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By PS Bindra · 06 Feb 2015 7:49 pm
There is a liquid medicine called RIDD. This is quite effective for mange. Put aroun 5 ml of RIDD in one mug of water. Apply the same after giving bath to your dog when the coat is still wet. Ensure your dog does not lick the medicine and let it dry. Repeat the procedure for at least 3 weeks. This might help as I have a pug and I've done this with my dog and it was effective.
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