I have a 8 month lab, he is suffering from many problems, Help?

i have a 8 month lab. he is suffering from following problem: 1: he is vomiting on random days. 2: after vomiting he remains quite lethargic and is in a depressed mood. 3: he is not eating his daily meals( he is usually a heavy eater). 4:he is having fever for 2 days. for all these problems i took him to a vet yesterday and he gave him an injection to cure fever . he was all right after the injection but after we took him to our hose he is having difficulty to walk. what can i do to cure him?
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2012-03-11T18:15:48+0530 11 Mar 2012 6:15 pm
is he dewormed ??

also try another vet. take a second opinion.
dont wry he will be fine. :)
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2012-03-11T18:46:12+0530 11 Mar 2012 6:46 pm
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