Is it possible for pups to get their teeth before two months?

I have adopted a stray pup of mixed breed, which was sort of rejected by her mother. Of what I know he's just a month old, but he's already have all the frontal teeth (between his two canines). Now all the literature I referred to states that pups start teething after they are two months old. My questions are 1. Is it possible for pups to get their teeth before two months? 2. I am feeding him baby food CERELAC (Stage 1) mixed in warm water, should I start giving him solid food as well? 3. Is there any separate CERELAC specifically targeted for the pups? 4. My vet suggests that I give him supplements, which I am giving but I would rather like to give him better food than supplements. What options do I have? should I continue to give him supplements? 5. What is the right procedure to prepare CERELAC for pups? Do I let it soak for some time in water? Should it be syrupy or should it be more like a paste? He eats both of them pretty well but pees around a lot when fed syrupy mixture. I am sorry if these questions sound silly but I am really confused and would appreciate any help.
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All dogs are born without teeth. Between the ages of 3 and 6 weeks, however, a dog will get its milk, or deciduous, teeth. On emerging, these 28 teeth are sharp enough to help the animal transition to eating solid foods. Deciduous teeth last between four months and a year, during which time the dog's permanent teeth gradually replace them, absorbing the roots of the milk teeth as they do.
This replacement process is known as teething. When it's completed, the dog will have 42 adult teeth.
Although dogs experience the discomfort of teething most intensely between the ages of 2 and 7 months, minor discomfort may occur for as long as a year until the adult teeth have fully emerged.
Dogs get their permanent incisors between the ages of 2 and 5 months. Their premolars will erupt at between 4 and 6 months, while their canine teeth and molars appear between 5 and 7 months.
So yes the teeth you observe are Deciduous not permanent. They will be replaced by permanent teeth but it doesnt happen like human teeth where they fall off and a new one erupts.
I used Samolac for my puppy and she liked to have it but I feel one should be slow on giving supplements if you're giving him proper puppy food as it can upset the mineral balance of the pups body. Im not sure what you should do here as your vet is suggesting it. Try going for a second opinion.
It doesnt matter if you prepare it paste-like or syrupy as long as you mix the right amount of the powder in the water.
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Thanks a lot Ravi, it has been of a great help. I too am not keen on giving the supplements. I'm giving him the supplements as my vet says it helps in better absorption of all the nutrients he's getting from his food. I am not sure about that part, hence the confusion.
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