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How to get puppies papers from KCI if the parents are registered?

I have adult Rottweiler male and female, both parents are KCI registered and they were mated , puppies are born now, How can i get papers for the puppies. what is the process?
By mahendra reddy · 01 Apr 2013 2:18 pm


By santhanam ravi · 05 Apr 2013 5:12 pm
My first question is, Have you transfered the parents papers to your name..?? if yes, Then go to the local KCI website and download Form A and litter registration form. The Form A is called The stud form. Since you own the male, you can sign the stud form, And then fill the litter registration form with all that is needed. After this call the kennel club person for a litter inspection. Once you are done then take the money and go to that person. He'll send all the required stuffs to the KCI.. you will get the papers of the puppies in two to three months time
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